Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prayers for Reesey: Coming Home!

Its time for another update on my friend Amanda's little girl, Reesey: (if you havne't been following along you can find her story on her blog:

Ya'll I am so excited to share with you that 
After 6 weeks of living at the hospital she is now home with her whole family- her 3 sisters, two dogs & BOTH parents!! God is so good! Please continue to keep this family in your prayers-- esp sweet little Reesey! She has at least another 15months of chemo and all that goes along with that.  Pray for complete healing-- you know Jesus IS into miracle working and the such ;) 
Check out the sweet pictures from Amanda's blog... and PLEASE read her post from today-- its about them coming home- so real, so full of emotion and so uplifting! 
Thank you for your prayers! <
love her little grin! and those cheeks! :)
sisterly love! 
what a happy sight!

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  1. You are right, Jesus is so in the miracle business. Regardless of what medical books say, He has the final word. I am praying for this family and for COMPLETE healing of this precious girl. May everyone be amazed with Jesus!


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