Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... Favorite Jobs!

Obviously I have the BEST job ever now, and what I have wanted to do my whole life- teaching kiddos, so I will list my top 2 before this career!

1) Walt Disney World!!! When I was a senior in college I participated in the WDW College Program.  It was the TIME OF MY LIFFFFE!!! If you know anyone who is in college you should have them look into this.  Not to mention that EVERY interview I have had after working at WDW that is the one thing they ALWAYS want to talk to me about - my experiences at Walt's home. Lets be honest... everyone you will ever meet has either a)just been there  b) is planning a trip to go there  c)knows someone who just got back from there or d)knows someone who is planning a trip there.  So yeah!
Great job- met some of the greatest people from ALL around the world (they house you in apartments with all the other college kids in the program)- I lived with girls from South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Brazil!  I also attended classes while there.  The weather was so nice we often took mini vacations to places such as Coco Beach, Miami, and Clearwater, FL.
(oh and not to mention I got to go to ALL of the parks as MANY times as I wanted... for FREE!! Thats right!! I have been to the parks OVER 100 times!! :) Not a bad added bonus!)

 The Emporium where I worked :)

K and My honeymoon at Magic Kingdom!

2)Baylor University
I had the opportunity to call perspective students and talk to them about their college decision process.  I was not there to sell Baylor, only to answer questions they had about college and Baylor, and to share my experiences while at BU.  Since I am a huge Baylor fan, I had lots of positive things to say and quite honestly it was just a LOT of fun to chat with high school students about what they were about to get themselves into... college :)

Such a BEAUTIFUL place in way more ways than one!!


  1. Walt Disney World! I am officially jealous :)

  2. These sound like such fun jobs. I know so many people who did the Disney job and loved it! Amazing!

  3. love these! your WDW experience sounds absolutely amazing! where in TX are you... i'm originally from houston. love your blog:)

  4. OMG. I would kill to work in Disney. Obsessed.

  5. Oh Disney would be awesome!! I was offered a job there many moons ago but I ended up taking another position somewhere else.. so regret that decision!!


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