Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not only is my husband a TOTAL SWEETHEART, apparently he is FAMOUS too!

First of all, I just wanted to update you all and let you know my reactions to our "new" bedroom... well it went a little something like this:

K, "hey babe... I have a surprise for you!"
Me, "really!? WHAT!?"
K, "well go to the bedroom"
Me, "okaaaay... I'm nervous!"  haha
Me, "oh my WORD! its BLUE! I'm really nervous now! Its really blue, its really blue..." {in an excited, yet nervous tone}

And thats about it. ha

I was so happy that he had done such a sweet gesture for me and I know that he spent a TON of time on it. I hate painting because I honestly just don't have the patience for it.  K on the other hand loves doing things for me and loves doing projects like this one.  I was totally shocked and a little overwhelmed with the color because I wasn't expecting it.  Now, several days later, I am really starting to like the color and get used to it.  Now, I am dying to purchase some new furniture to match our bed and do a better job decorating.  I am a little embarrassed of the shape our room was in when K posted pics but I will just have to get over that ha.  I think some new lamps with bright white shades, a new dresser that matches our bed, and a few more touches and I think I will be in love with it :) So ... MAAAANNNNY thanks to my wonderful hubby for doing so much hard work while I was gone and always going out of his way to make me feel so very loved by him!! K, you are the best hubby a woman could ever ask for and I am so blessed to call you MINE! :) 

Now, on top of him being a sweetheart, apparently my hubby is also famous!
Yesterday, K had the day off so he decided that he would come have lunch with me at school.  I teach 2nd grade and they have been asking when they were going to meet him (because I am always talking about him and using his name in sentences on the board and such) so when I announced that he would be coming for the lunch the kids were VERY excited! They began asking if he was going to eat with them in my room, and if they could eat in the room too, or if he would be in the lunch room and would he sit at their table, etc. etc... I had to tell them over and over that no, he would be eating lunch with ME! (I even had one little girl ask me if she could come to the teachers lounge with us to eat ha!)  So when lunch was over K came with me to pick my kids up from the cafeteria and they were all jumpy and giddy and asking him a millllion questions! It was quite cute if I must say so myself! At some point one of my girls asked him for his autograph and all the other children jumped on the bandwagon to want one as well.  I told them that they had to be on their best behavior and we would see about it.  We came back to my room and I let them all introduce themselves- telling K their name and favorite hobby... the kids were excited, and some embarrased and some showing off... hobbies were everything from dancing, to talking in the hallways, to boyscouts to video games, to eating candy.  K then introduced himself and as he was saying his "favorite hobbies" the kids would all scream "OH ME TOO!!!" haha it was so adorable!! Well then it was time for me to take them to their "specials" (art, music, p.e.) and K decided to write his autograph on 20 different sheets of paper for the kids.  They came back to the room, disappointed to see that K was gone. :(  Before dismissal I told them that I had to give them something... they asked what and I told them that K had writen an autograph for each one of them... they SCREAMED with excitement.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud and I said to them, "you guys act like he if FAMOUS or something!!!" to which they all replied at the same time, "HE IS!!!!!!!!!" 

MADE. MY. DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah

(not to mention after school I kept getting other teachers coming up to me saying, "I heard about your famous husband!" or "I heard about the autographs!" haha EVERYONE was laughing and it goes without saying that K was definitely the talk of the school yesterday :)

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  1. So sweet of him! I love that your kids think he is famous! Too cute!


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