Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... Cleaning/ Organizing Tips

Actually, I am pretty horrible at keeping a clean house despite my desire to.  We aren't dirty here but just a little messy, consistently.  So here goes:

1) In my attempt to get on task, and not have to clean everything in one day i visit this trusty website called Fly Lady.  It really is AMAZING!! It sends you a daily email with what you should be doing on that day and it also gives you goals for the month, cleaning tips, etc.  It is FREE and SOO worth your time! It will also switch areas every week to keep your whole house organzied and clean :)

2) I love the clorox wipes but I am with many of you wanting to use something non-toxic.  I have been using the "Greenworks" products which are all natural and I love them! They are gently priced (2-5 dollars) and work great! I think I started using them when I had a coupon... thats how they getcha! :)
Head on over to Taylor's blog and link up with your favorite tips!

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