Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice

Erin over at Little Texas Love Nest is hosting Sing-Along-Sunday again today and thought I would join in :)

Thanks to me being addicted to TLC I now have had this stuck in my head ALL day... they have changed it a bit and are using it for their summer series theme song... I always think 50 First Dates is coming on... :)

kinda makes me wanna be laying out on the beach somewhere.... WOULDN'T IT BE NICE! ha!

{The Beach Boys- Wouldn't it be nice}

Enjoy the 3 day weekend for those of you that have one.... (we don't here boo!)


  1. Yay Beach Boys! Nothing gets me in the mood for Summer like those guys!

  2. Love that song and love the Beach Boys...they were the first concert I ever went to!! Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.



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