Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Since I've Been Gone...

Well Hey Ya'll and WELCOME back to my blog! 
(I am still in the process of re-vamping-new layout, new background, new picture, etc- so please bear with me)

SOOO much has been going on over the past several months... but I don't really have all the time in the world to discuss that right now, although I assure you that I will. I am going to try my darnedest to get back into my blogging and now that I am back in town and near a computer it should be do-able :) 

So for a quick and short overview... 

"Since I've Been Gone..."

-I finalized our wedding plans
-Took a road-trip to Arkansas 
-From Arkansas drove to N.C.
-Enjoyed being in my hometown for a week
-Had the MOST BEAUTIFUL, FUN, & WONDERFUL wedding & reception to truly the MOST AMAZING man in this WORLD! {seriously, the BEST TIME EVER!!!}
-Took a road-trip/honeymoon to Orlando, FL- spent time at Walt Disney World and got to spend some Q.T. with my dear friends and their newborn daughter, precious girl!
-Took yet another road-trip to spend the remainder of our honeymoon in Destin, FL!
-Obviously (take a look at my new pic...) met up with the MOST TALENTED Patsy Brown and had her take some SMOKIN' HOT photo's of Hubs and I! 
-One last road-trip from FL to New Orleans, Louisiana and finally back to our abode
ohhhhhh and something MOST exciting....
-Got a NEW job TEACHING SECOND GRADE!!! {Squeels!}

And those are just the highlights! I swear I will try to share more soon! Pinky Promise! Oh how I have missed all of my faithful readers and blogger friends!! I have been in workshops all week for New Teacher Training, and tomorrow will wrap that up... so alas I MUST call it a night and get some shut eye... 6:30 am is going to come oh too soon! 

We LOVE you, Patsy Brown!!! Go check out her blog! oh and she travels :) 


  1. You've been busy!! And love LOVE the photos. Amazing!!


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