Saturday, August 28, 2010

First week of school- Check!

I survived my first week of teaching! 
The first day went better than expected but my feet were killlllling me by the end of the day!!  I am used to being on my feet and them being sore but never so bad that at the end of the day I literally had huge blisters under the skin of my feet.  They are still recovering thanks to my hubby for surprising me with a foot massager after day 2 and multiple nice hand massages :) He is so good to me! 
So this week has been tiring for me (very tiring!).  I have a full class of 22 sweet 2nd graders and 2 more who are special ed that come to join us everyday for a little while.  Let me just start by saying all of my kids are as sweet as sugar!  BUT they do NOT behave as sweet as sugar ha.  I have the inclusion class for 2nd grade which is a challenge in an of itself.  If you aren't familiar with inclusion google it... this is the direction that most schools are heading these days as the learning is better for all of the children, research shows.  I also have several children who have behavioral issues so that is also very challenging.  I have "that class" if you know what I mean.  I survived the first week and do believe that I can get through the whole year if I managed this week- which I obviously did even if I did work for 6am to 6pm or later most days... wheph the life of a teacher! (hopefully this gets better with experience ;) )
This week we really just did a few assesments and lots of getting to know you type activities.  This was both a challenge and a blessing.  Since we didn't really have a set schedule or lesson plans it made it difficult for me to plan what to do during the day and how long it would take.  On the other hand it was nice because I was able to not be consumed by a schedule or "oh my goodnesss I havent done blah blah yet!" -- if that makes sence?
This next week is going to be our first week of instruction and I am a bit overwhelmed with the whole lesson planning part of it.  Luckily our team works together to plan so I have all the "plans".  Now, I am challenged with learning how to actually TEACH the lessons, and also learning to actually stick to the schedule.  This is what I will be doing all weekend :)
I am very excited about all that this year is going to bring along with it. I already (though I'm stressed out) feel so much happier (happier than I ever have been in a job) about what I am doing.  I can guarantee you, without a shadow of a doubt that I am doing what God has planned for me to do, even before he created me.  This IS my passion and I am so very blessed that he has finally given me the opportunity to live my dream! 
My motto this year is going to be that
"God brought me to this, so he will bring me through it!" 
I hope that after this year is over I can look back and know that I have changed childrens lives for the better, taught them intellectuial ideas as well as life lessons, I hope that I can missionaly live for God and do this job that he has placed before me with humility and grace!

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  1. Yay for completing your first week! Good luck with the rest of the year!


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