Saturday, August 21, 2010

MASS CHAOS and Classroom Photos!

WOAH! I just realized that this is my 102nd post! That's crazy!

Soooo much has been going on with my new job... like WOAH!  So as most of you know I was hired as a third grade teacher and then was officially put on the second grade team.  This week I was finishing up all the touches on my room when I got called into the office... and basically I was told that I would need to be moving my room to the pre-k hall and that I was going to be the new pre-k teacher... what!!? yea, no training, no experience, nothing ha! But I willingly (while holding back tears) began to disassemble my room on Tuesday (Thursday would be meet the teacher).  The pre-k room had nothing in it... no chairs, no tables, no toys, nothing! Just insane. I cried.  Wednesday one of my wonderful friends came up and helped me to continue to decorate the pre-k room but about 20 minutes after she got there I got called to the office yet again.  Wheph... nerves... moral of the story... this time I was being moved yet again!!! ... back to the 2nd grade hall!! (mind you these are on opposite ends of the school!) and... on top of all that Meet the Teacher was the VERY NEXT day!!!! eeeeek!! So my friend and I started taking down pre-k decor and packing up to move to the 2nd grade hall. I didn't get to go back to my old room because one of the other 2nd grade teachers moved into it to be closer to the other 2nd teachers. More news came soon... the room I would be taking over would be the 2nd grade team lead who was now moved to kinder! I can't even begin to tell you what all the other hundreds of changes our school has had but its just been nuts! On Thursday K & my awesome friend came up to the school and disassembled the room I was to be taking over and reassembled it (remember this the day of meet the teacher!) Right as we were putting the last thing on the wall the first parent walked in! It was a wonderful night, tons of great kiddos and parents and overall everything went well.  The one terrible thing of the night was that the AC in the school cut off right about the time the first parent came in! We nearly all died sweating horribly! ha! So now its the weekend before school starts and I'm gearing up for preparing for Day 1!!! :) Here are some eye candy of the room...

the beautiful masterpiece outside my room that K decorated!!

Kinda looks bare in the pic but I think its because you don't see all the smaller details like the alpha chart above the board, the little things hanging from the ceiling, the buckets on the bookshelf that have supplies in it... the things hanging from the bottom of the board ... etc. maybe I need something for that wall... suggestions? 

Right now it only has the parts of speech but it will be my calendar wall, and the right will also be my word wall... that we will add to throughout the year :) I wish we would have taken the pics up close to see the neat ocean theme going on... :) 

awesome net with fish that karl created! See the neat things hanging from the ceiling!?

my awesome reading corner and the favorite part of my room... the underwater windows with blue cellophane and fish window clings! yay!



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