Thursday, May 6, 2010

quick lil update!

hello blog! oh how I have missed you!!
where oh where has the time gone?

Quick update for the day, FINALLY received the shoes that I purchased and still cant decide between my top 3... what in the WORLD is wrong with me!?

So in an effort to get some more feedback after actually seeing there shoes, here are some images for you.
Note:  I have not purchased these lovely shoes from Davids Bridal:

 yet because they will need to be dyed (the same blue as the shoes below on my feet) and they are NOT returnable... hmm what to do... ha!

Here are the ones I did purchase however... what do you think?

please ignore my ugly toes and the fact the white cardboard thingy is still there.. ha!

(these cute lil shoes are not quite as high of a heel as the blue ones)

Side note: It is NOT easy to take pictures of your own feet.  (thank you mirror for your help today!)


  1. Gah I was hoping a ton of people would have commented because you know I'm as torn as you are! Right now I'm thinking not the second pair. Maybe the ruffle ones for the ceremony and the David's Bridal ones for the reception , or just one or the other, but the tiffany blue ones you already have are a little plain for your shmancy dress. But they're all great!

  2. #3 is my ultimate favorite, but totally diggin' the blue ones, too! I haven't seen your dress, so it's tough to say. Regardless, though, you will look absolutely stunning I'm sure! :o) Wish I could be there to see you in all of your gorgeousness! Congratulations, darlin'!


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