Thursday, April 22, 2010

OMG Shoes! "Show Me Your Wedding Shoes"

Okay so I have been debating over what type of wedding shoes to wear for our summer wedding coming up this July (yes I do realize I should probably already have my shoes... but I don't- which is why I'm begging for your help)
Do I want them to be formal or casual? Traditional colored or fun colored ("fun colored" meaning tiffany blue or hot pink- I love pink anything and everything...)?  Strappy or just a pump? Decisions, decisions, decisions!! Luckily I have been getting the help of my momma (love you mom) and some of my good friends... (love you lori and erin) on what styles they like but I keep thinking they are all beautiful.  So how do I choose just one??
{after I added all the pics I thought I should share with all of you a teeny-tiny bit about our wedding.  The ceremony is going to be at a very big Presbyterian church (indoors- loooong isle and stained glass windows... you get the idea right?).  We are aiming for a fairly formal ceremony with a more laid back, wild fun, party reception. Oh and our bridesmaid dresses are tiffany blue with a black sash, and the men are wearing black tux's with tiffany blue vests.  I am also planning to use pink flowers and other touches of pink.  So that gives you some sort of idea what we are aiming for... K and I are both very laid back and really our main goal is that everyone has a BLAST (duh- what bride and groom doesn't want that for their guests) ha.

Since I know that most of you are Brides-To-Be or are a Recent-Bride I figured I would ask you to:

 "Show Me Your Wedding Shoes"

I thought I would leave you all with a few pictures to drool over and also ask you which of these shoes you like best.  So here goes, I am going to attempt to hook up my FIRST "Mc-Linky"... I have never done this before so yall give me some guidance and patience :) and of course PLEASE link up :)  

2) Caparros Dolce Satin in Blue (same shoe, different hue ... heheheh I crack myself up!)

6) David's Bridal- Dyeable- Yvette (in Ivory or Tiffany Blue) (LOVE the bling... the more bling the better ;) )


So there yah have it.... my favorite 7 shoes for our big day... now don't forget to vote on your favorite shoe and 

 < 3 love ya'll!

(all images from DSW online except for the Davids Bridal Shoe-which is from the Davids Bridal website)


  1. I wore ivory/white shoes from zappos (Calvin Klein I believe). I went for shoes full of comfort! They had a 3" heel and peep toe. I'll try to do a link later today, but if I could do it all over again - I'd go for fun & something I'd wear again :)

  2. I'm on the search for my wedding shoes too!! I don't think I am going to go white, I actually think I'm going to go for a pop of color...however, those white shoes that you have are beautiful. I love number 2, 4 and 5!!

  3. oh, and I meant to say I love #3 & 5! Good luck :)

  4. I love #5! I think the ruffle detail is just so cute! I wore pink ruffled ones under my dress and it was just the perfect little pop of color with my ivory dress. :)


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