Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis

St. Louis was wonderful!!  There were SEVEN of us that crammed into my parents surburban and headed on an ELEVEN hour adventure there, and and ELEVEN hour adventure back!!
We stayed in the middle of downtown and literally were on the same block as the baseball field! We saw the arch and toured the City Museum (which was basically a playground/ jungle gym made out of all things recycled for kids of ALL ages-- including my DAD!) ha!
Here are some beautiful pics of the fun weekend! Congrats Shay and Brian!

 get ready for picture overload...

{first 4 photos by Kelly Pratt Photography}

the beautiful church!

the perfect shot!

the beautiful view from the reception room

one of my fav's! an apperance from the Village People, and my grandma and dad dancing :) Good times, Good times!

and for some of our own photos... ENJOY :) 

how hubs and I spent the trip...

view from our hotel room (St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark)

from the park in downtown

hubs and I at the bridge

playing... (me, my dad and sis)  at the City Museum...

ball park (view from our hotel)

on a walk... 

hubs and i in front of a beautiful tree

and there yah have it.... St. Louis :)

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  1. Looks like fun! That's one place I've never been. The "playground" looks super cool!

    I have a very personal question and feel incredibly awkward asking you this, so please forgive me if I come off as clueless or insensitive. You referred to someone in your photos as "Dad." I thought you lost your Dad not long ago? I'm so sorry, girl - I'm just confused.

    Anyway, hope you're doing well. I can't wait to be done with school so my schedule will slow down. I still want to do lunch with you! Hope you're doing well!


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