Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby #2: 29 Weeks

29 Weeks!

February 23- March 1

Weight Gain: I went to the Doc this past Monday (Feb 25th)- here are my stats: 
157lbs- down a pound from last appointment two weeks previous (up 7 from my starting weight- I think!)  My blod pressure was 110/60, and the baby's heart beat was 156 (same as last time I think).  

Maternity Clothes : yup. And sweats ;) hehe! K told me today that my belly was almost hanging out of the bottom of one of my t-shrits (while I was here at home not out and about lol!)... I'm feeling rather large right now. 

Sleep: Pretty good- some nights aren't as good as most, some nights I get up once & some nights I don't ha! A couple of nights this week I started waking up around 3:30 for a bathroom break- also having a little trouble sleeping soundly the past couple of nights. 

Best Moment of this week: 
We announced baby girls name!! 
Maybe mad dash cleaning our house Saturday morning before friends came over... its so nice to have ALL of the house picked up and somewhat clean (minus our room-- which was clean on Friday ha!)  Friday, K and I cleaned out our closets- he filled up a trash bag of his clothes and gave away 1/2 of his hat collection: probably around 20 hats!-- I got rid of some things but didn't do as good as he did.  Its still a work in progress... it does feel good to clean out some.  (I think one day this week I worked on RG's closet a little but didn't get very far on that- mainly organized the bottom of it where stuff was just thrown in ha!) 23rd I cleaned out and organized the bathroom cabinets-- nesting much!?

Movement:  She is still moving around a LOT but I don't think the movement is as strong as it was at one time. Now I feel a nudge here and a kick there most of the time.  She is definitely head down because she has gotten the hickups several times ha!  She is just like her sister in the fact that she likes to have her little feet tucked up under my ribs. Oy... not the best feeling in the world ha! She still moves a lot late at night- around 11:30pm!  I have also woken up to her kicking a few times. 

Food cravings:  Sweets, randomly craved Salt and Vinegar pringles mmm, Love my everything bagels toasted with butter and cream cheese- had one for a midnight snack one night this week.  Love my water- I know I'm not drinking enough if I'm craving it like I do!  

Food Aversions: the same... 

What I miss: not feeling like a whale, and my ribs not constantly burning

Gender: a precious little GIRL: Savannah Jane!!!!!!

Symptoms: 2.23-had two BH contractions this morning-- at least I think thats what they were ha! Heart burn is lame- I'm taking tums almost every night before bed now :-/.  My butt bone has started to hurt when I'm sitting for any amount of time-- a short 20 minute drive from my grandaddy's house to ours and I was in pain. I feel like my belly is large and in charge!  Baby girl loves to kick my ribs- must be RG's sister ;)!  The nesting stage setting in- wanting to clean and clean out- maybe spring cleaning bug too? I love to nap and tend to run out of energy quickly- esp if I do not havea nap.  For weeks my nose has been stuffy or stopped up. fun. now all of a sudden it is runny AND stuffy depending on the hour of the day.  Love my water! I had my gluckose test this past Monday- I wasnt nervous except about the blood draw ha! I didn't hear anything from them so that is great news- means I PASSED! yay!!My backache has really set in :( ... Its worse when I sit for long periods of time. 

What I'm looking forward to: Our upcoming BEACH trip!!!! 


and here I am at 29 Weeks pregnant with Raleigh Grace :) 


  1. You look amazing woman! And I love the name! Savannah is such a strong, classic and southern name-it's perfect!

  2. Yay for passing the glucose test! I have mine tomorrow and I admit I'm a bit nervous, don't know why other than just for the needle prick. I need to get started on the nesting phase to, I'm ready to start purging things!


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