Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend we made our first solo family getaway of the summer! When K got off work on Friday we loaded up the car and headed down to the coast for a little island living. RG refused to sleep the entire way down, but at least she was entertaining, singing songs and telling stories.  SJ napped sporadically, but when she was awake she was generally pleasant.  We didn't arrive until 10pm so after our tradition canal baptism, it was in the house and off to bed!

This was the sunset over Lumberton on Friday night. Crazy clouds!

Saturday we got up around ten o'clock and got breakfast at our favorite spot, Big Nell's Pit Stop.

After breakfast we went back to the house, put on swimsuits and lathered on the sunscreen and headed to the beach!  Raleigh Grace has loved the ocean since she first set her tiny toes in it more than two years ago. Savannah was no different! We could not keep this child out of the water. If we set her down she would take off to the surf!

We got off the beach around five, got showered up and headed to Sharky's for dinner where we met up with K's sister and her boyfriend. After dinner it was back to the house and bed because all the fun in the sun took it out of all of us!

Sunday morning we went back to Nell's.  I had monogrammed a couple dresses for the manager's granddaughters. They are both a couple months apart from RG and SJ and the oldest refers to RG as her "best friend".  After breakfast we fired up the boat and took a quick trip to the inlet and back.  SJ loved it when we were moving but hated her life jacket.

RG loved the boat ride, but got a little nervous when K would go over the waves made by the wake of other boats.  She would say "be careful, daddy" every time we hit a big bump.

After the boat we decided to squeeze in a quick trip to the beach since we had to head home that day. We met up with some friends from back home. Their daughter, T, is a few years older than RG, but she took to RG like they've always known each other.  T taught RG how to make a drip sandcastle.  They had a lot of fun but we had to cut it short so we could get back to the house to get packed and head home. 

Another awesome sunset as we headed west.  Going over the bridge when we leave is always bittersweet.  Sad to be leaving but always so good to look back at the island and remembering the fun we had while we were there.

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