Monday, October 3, 2011

the past week in status updates...


I feel like I am so much better about sharing all the fun I'm having in my facebook status'  rather than on my blog (shame on me!) & today is Miscellany Monday over at Carissa's blog -- this post could not be more miscellaneous ha so head over to her blog and link up...

here we go...
This is my week in status updates:
September 26th:
This TOTALLY made my night... Hahahahahahha someone said he was "just practicing" :) I love my hubby sooo much, he is already a GREAT daddy!!!!! :)

September 27th: 
Okay I got my hair done!! Raleigh Grace you're welcome to come anytime now :)

September 29th: 
The past 25 hours: washed 2 loads of RG's clothes, set up her bassinet in our room, organized her closet, Karl painted her room and put up a chair rail, installed the car seat base, made her crib bed (complete with the crib skirt that finally arrived) and now to go buy some more organizational type things :) wahooo! So ready for her to get here!!
newborn and 0-3 months to be washed...
some of the clean clothes

finally all put together!

the bassinet!

and the changing table

September 30th: 
Raleigh Grace, this is your last chance to be a September baby like your mamma if you so desire... You have a little less than 24 hours... Ready, go!

{September 30th-- my sister also had a dream that I had the baby-- it was still a girl haha I guess that's a good sign right? ha!}

September 30th:  
I love that my parents call to make sure I'm not going into labor before they go out for their date night :)
{Spent the day with my family- went to lunch with my stepmom and then hung out with my grandaddy for the afternoon.  We went to my stepmom's house and I got to play with my kitty Yoda- he's temporarily living with my stepmom and they have become BEST friends...
never thought I would see the day!

this makes me happy!

For dinner we went to K's favorite Mexican restaurant with his parents and my stepmom then I went back home with her while K and his dad went to Lowe's to buy some blinds for RG's room!  Sonja (my stepmom) and I had a great time catching up and hanging out.  
While I was there Mom called me to make sure I wasn't in labor before she and my stepdad went on their date.  I thought it was the cutest thing-- when I didn't answer my phone she immediately texted to make sure I was alright :) <3 you mom! 

October 1st: 
Baylor game day!! Disappointed that the game isn't going to be aired here in NC :( none the less, SIC EMMM!!!
Today is SOMEONES BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :) Happy Birthday Mari!!!!!!! :) loooove you!! So far RG doesn't feel like sharing her birthday haha
I sure have an awesome hubby!! He installed new blinds in the nursery, assembled the day bed in the nursery, took down the closet bar and shelf and installed a new organization system in the nursery, AND... took me on a dinner date @Brixx Pizza AND Coldstone ice cream then he took me shopping at target!!! Wahoooo I'm a blessed girl enjoying these last few moments with just me and my honey :)

October 2nd: 
39 weeks and one day- 6 days until my due date! Had so much fun shopping with my stepmom and getting some more things for miss RG's room including a beautiful duvet cover for the day bed, lamp, curtains, & matching bathroom decor for her bathroom!! Nursery is almost complete and I'm sooo excited to meet her... Any day, any day! Wahoo!!! :) oh and I managed to give myself a manicure and a pedicure! :) 

(I plan on doing the nursery reveal SOON!  K doesn't want me sharing pics until we are "done" haha! Be getting excited! Oh yeah! :) ) haha

Have a Happy Monday!!


  1. Loooove this! :-) You've gotten SO MUCH DONE!!! YAY! Now that Emma Claire's dresser is up in her room I'll be starting laundry soon!!! I cannot WAIT to see Raleigh Grace's room! And as for our bears...super sad day :-( And OMG I LOVEEEEE your pack n' play and carseat, that fabric is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE damask!

  2. oh everything is adorable! little girls are the best :) can't wait to read about your journey towards parenthood!

  3. i love the name you have picked!!! so beautiful. and the carseat practicing is so precious. he's going to be a great dad.


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