Friday, October 7, 2011

Raleigh Grace's Nursery Reveal!!!

I never thought I would actually be able to post her nursery pics before her arrival! We just seemed to have so much to do and so little time.  I have to give all recognition to my amazing hubby who has worked his tail off day and night to make sure that it got finished.  He has done a wonderful job... don't you think!?  There are still several little things that I would like to add (like a mobile, more pics/things on the wall, paint the bookshelf white, etc) but since we are hoping that she is going to make her arrival SOON {tonight would be nice little RG! :) }for now this is the FINISHED product!! :)

Daddy and Mommy love you Little Miss Raleigh Grace and we can NOT wait to meet YOU!!!!!!!


her sweet crib

changing table & mirror

The day bed and fun lantern lamp
I just love this curtain rod!
Day Bed

a beautiful chest my aunt made and gave me for my shower- she filled the chest with lots of my baby clothes for RG to wear... such a sweet gift!

the project K did last night! (Hangs above day bed-- see 2 pics up) If you look closely you can see the "bling" he added to them also, he said my daughter had to have "bling!" sooo true :) (click on pic to enlarge)

The rocking chair (it was the favorite seat in my second grade classroom last year :) )

K's bunny from when he was a child & a pic of him carrying it (top right)-- his mom framed it for us to put in RG's room :)  Hangs above the rocking chair

the bookshelf (that will eventually be white- or a diff. shelf will go there ha)
a beautiful lamp my step mom bought RG

My favorite of RG's books- my roomate from my freshman year at BU sent this to RG! (it was also the 1st book RG was given :) )
the beautiful diaper bag my sister-in-laws gave me and the beautiful bedding!

close up of bedding/ bumper (its sooo soft!)

some of RG's friends!  The bear was a gift from one of my college roommates and a friend from BU (along with some other adorable BU things I will post about soon!), the monkey K just had to buy for RG and of course her glow-worm from one of my grandparents neighbors who has a son my age who I used to ride bikes around the neighborhood with ha

the beautiful bed-skirt (my favorite part of the bedding maybe)

outside view of crib

her clothes! :)
K took down the clothes rail and installed this awesome organization unit! LOVE it!

more closet space!

and why not sneak in a quick bump pic from 39 weeks 5 days! (2 days until her due date!!)
(*update: RG made her debut on the 17th! So add 10 days to this picture ha!)

Well there you have it!! Hope you enjoyed getting to see her nursery!  
We can't wait to meet our baby girl and introduce her to you! :)


  1. awh love it and you!! it is so perfectly girly!!! :)

  2. I love the room & you look great! I can't wait to "meet" miss Raleigh Grace after she makes her debut :)

  3. i love the room! you look so beautiful!

  4. I love her room! So pretty...oh and be sure to check out my blog post today. Hint hint.

  5. You look gorgeous and you are totally glowing!! The room is so sweet, hoping I have a girl next time :)

  6. First of all, you look amazing!! :)

    I don't know what my favorite part of her nursery is.....the bedding is precious, the lamp shade, the shadow box, the organized closet?! :) Oh my! I love it all!! Congrats on getting it all done before her arrival.

  7. ahhh the quintessential baby bump picture. Who doesn't have 1 like it? I just don't look as good as you do! The room looks amazing! Thanks for the tour!

  8. You are so beautiful! I had that bunny, too! My mom gave it to me to give Brynlee, but I like the sweet idea of having it in a frame. So funny that he had the same bunny! Now Raleigh Grace can make her arrival with such a BEAUTIFUL nursery!! You did a great job!

  9. LOVE IT!!!! All that's missing is that sweet little girl!

    Thinking good labor thoughts for ya!!

  10. OH MY GOSH I LOVEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) And how diaper bag is in the crib right now too! LOVE all of the Baylor touches! B is for Baylor is SO DANG CUTE! I love it :-) I bought it at the Baylor teaching conference my senior year! Now it's going to be in EC's nursery! LOVE the bedding, LOVE the Jenny Lind crib/changing table...pretty much LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Can you tell?! Now it's time for pictures of sweet Raleigh Grace!!! And tell K that he did an AWESOME JOB! I am SO impressed, what a great daddy!!!! Oh and I also LOVE your dust ruffle...I'm a sucker for a good dust ruffle and yours is so cute! HAPPY DUE DATE!!! You look adorable!


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