Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baby #3: 6 weeks

January 20, 2015 (6w 2d)
The past two days have been waves of nausea- esp when hungry. Tonight got pretty bad bc all I had to eat today was a granola bar, pb crackers and chips and dip. Oops. And everything sounded yucky to eat. Went to jersey mikes for a sandwich lol them grocery shopping but felt better afterwards. Kinda feeling yuck now and heartburn. 😷 

Funny story at jersey mikes- I always get them to microwave my sandwich a few seconds to make it warm. Anyways I asked tonight and the guy told me they weren't allowed to do that anymore... I said even just in the microwave? And he was like yeah- we aren't allowed. I told him how we go there all the time and that I've always had that done. Blah blah. Then the lady said well we can only do it for hot sandwiches (meatball sub and Philly) or for pregnant women. And I was like well actually I am... And the poor teenage boy felt so bad. But it was super awkward announcing that to the random people in jersey mikes when my family doesn't even know. Karl emailed the corporate office. He NEVER does things like that ha! I think he was mad (he worked they back in the day) ha! 

And totally random but my uterus feels so big! Like up ended my ribs! Like when I bed over my belly feels tight and huge ha!

January 21, 2015 (6w 3d)
First day with nausea most of the day. Also, laid on couch all morning then took a nap too. (Naps save my life!)

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