Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baby #3: 7 weeks!

Week 7: January 5-11 

What Fruit are you? Blueberry
Due date:  September 13
How far along:  7 weeks
Next appointment:  I still haven't scheduled one. 
Gender:  feeling maybe boy?
Total weight gain/loss:  well I gained a pound from week 5-6 and lost a pound from 6-7 so I think I'm a flat line ha. Sure that will change soon ha!
Exercise: just everyday life (I think I can prob delete this ? Ha! No real plans of starting a workout program. Lol 
Maternity clothes: nope
Belly button: innie
Sleep: I've been sleeping a little better but going to bed way too late- like 2am. And then I'm always awake right at 6 or 6:30am for no reason. No one else in my house is up either so idk what the deal is with that. 
Food cravings:  nothing at all. Nothing really sounds good. I only eat because I'm hungry and know I need to eat. 
Symptoms: Well nausea started last week (6weeks) but this week it has been looming on and off all day- all week. If I even think about food it makes me feel sick- all food. I have to just not think about it and force feed myself. Bleh! 
Fatigue- I'm not like so exhausted I can't stay awake (yet)- it's more like I'm just super lazy, can't move Ha! There have been a few days that I have just stayed on the couch and had the girls play on and around me. Part of that might be me staying up too late also. 
Oh and I just feel huge. I'm constantly feeling so bloated and... Well huge. It's way too early for all of this haha. 
Movement:  -
Labor signs: -
What I miss: being able to think about food without gagging. 
What I'm loving: That we are now SEVEN weeks! I love this little secret that Karl and I (and 4 other people hehe) have! We plan on telling my parents when we meet them in Alabama February 6! 
What I'm looking forward to: Telling my parents in TWO weeks! I'm so excited we are going to get to tell them in person!! I tried to get my sister, Elizabeth and her husband to come too but they live in Houston & felt like it was too expensive for a weekend trip.  
Best moment this week: Karl came home from work super early on Monday- that was awesome! Tuesday was BSF. Wednesday we stayed home and Thursday was life group. Granny came and watched the girls and that gave Karl and I time to do dinner together since he missed group due to a crazy lazy day at work. Saturday we went to the community shelter with our life group and cooked & served dinner. The girls were so great and such joyful helpers!! They put the brownies on every tray. :) 
Oh! And the past few days K has just rocked my socks off house wise- he's done a thousand loads of laundry, folded it all, cleaned up the house, etc. I'm so thankful that he's picking up my major slacking! Good man I tell you!
Pregnancy wise I'm not sure I had a best moment. Ha! Just glad to have made it another week hehe. 

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