Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4 weeks old!


Stats:this is technically a 3 1/2 week stat. We went for her 3 week
check up and she got a great report!! She weighed 7lbs 4 oz (20th
percentile- Dr said that she was just skinny just like her mamma was
at that age), her head circumference was 75th percentile, and she was
20 3/4 inches long. Karl says she isn't that much longer now compared
to birth (she was 20 1/2 inches) Is bc her head has changed shape. Dr
confirmed that could be true, and that happens often.
RG has started to get some acne and Dr m said it was completely normal
and would go away on it's on. Just to wash it with water only. (k also
had baby acne bad)
Dr was very happy with her growth and said she's perfectly healthy! ;)

Milestones:  when she was 3 weeks old she started following objects with her eyes really well an started talking. This week she has really started talking a LOT  more :) she will often start talking when I lay her down to change her diaper. I just looove when she coo's :)
-not really a milestone but she has developed baby acne. Thankfully we got her newborn pictures before this came. It started around her eyes but has spread all over her face and head and right at the top of her chest and back. It looks so sad and painful but the doc said it's totally normal and will go away in a couple of weeks or months (I'm hoping weeks, I just feel bad for her- it looks painful! Imagine tons of ant bites covering her face:( )

Feeding: for the most part she nurses about every 2 hours and if she's super tired (usually at night) she might only make it an hour to an hour and a half. The first 3 weeks of her life she would just nurse on one side but it seems she's about ready to nurse both sides in one feeding. Most of the time she would only nurse 10-15 minutes but this week she is nursing anywhere from 10-20 minutes.
She has also had some formula when we are out and nursing isn't convient. She isn't biased to the powder or premixed. She drinks them all the same. We have 3 different types of bottles and she doesn't seem to care which one you give her. She also will drink it whatever temp. One day when we were giving her breast milk in a bottle she was being very impatient so we gave it to her cold and she didn't even seem to notice. What a great, easy baby we have!

Sleep: this week has totally been up and down. She has had several nights where she just completely fights going to sleep period. She will stay up all night (like one night from 5pm-3am)... This makes for a very fussy baby and mamma. :( I was thinking this was a 3 week growth spurt (which it totally could be) but it's so random. Previous weeks she was sleeping as many as 5 hours at a time but more often 2-4 hours... This week it seems like she is sleeping super light and wakes up after 1 1/2 hours- 2 hours. And it takes a long time for her to get to sleep- she will doze off but wake up as soon as you move. In the morning hours 5am-noon-ish she will nurse and go back to sleep pretty good. I wonder if it's possible to have her nights and days mixed up yet... I feel like she's way too young for that but idk.
My cousin also loaned us a co-sleeper that we tried out for the first time Sunday night. If went well but not Monday night... She stayed up screaming and eating often until 3am so the 2 of us slept in the nursery.
Most nights she will sleep in her bouncer with her glow worm or the music on the bouncer playing and vibrating.
She also loves sleeping on daddy's chest. It might be the cutest thing ever :) 

Behavior: talking more... See above :)

Clothes: she fits perfectly in most newborn clothes. Her 0-3 outfits TOTALLY swallow her whole! Some of the newborn clothes are still a little big on her. She has been wearing some of my baby clothes that are preemies.  I'm not complaining at all! She's so cute in her little outfits, I'm glad she's getting to wear them multiple times. She also spends a lot of time in just a diaper or those awesome little hospital shirts with a diaper. She's been wearing some of those shirts that were my moms when she was a baby and some of my baby clothes as well :)

Favorite Moments: when she smiles, when she sighs after her sneezes, snuggling with her daddy doing roo-time, after she's nursed- letting her just cuddle with me-esp when she nurses while I'm laying on my side! Bath time- she's so content and happy :), talking to her and her talking to me!

Most Challenging: my mom leaving! She has been here for about a week and a half and has been the best help ever! Even staying up with RG all night to let me get some sleep!!! She left Sunday and I was pretty emotional Sunday and Monday. I missed her company more than anything.
the long nights when she fights going to sleep, ESP when she's gassy too! When she cries for no reason. When she dozes off to sleep then immediately wakes up.
my mom with RG :)

Looking Forward To: her sleeping harder and longer. Her smiling on purpose and just interacting more with her but I'm totally loving this stage minus the lack of sleep ha!

Firsts: first family walk at Lakeland.
First time feeding the ducks.
Met great grandmother Vivian, grandaddy chuck, and aunt Kellie at the cemetery.


  1. This just made me realize I never responded to your email! SORRY! I can totally relate with so much of this post!!! Especially the mommy leaving part :-( My parents stayed for a week and I was so sad for them to leave. It didn't help that the night before they left my milk came in so I was SUPER DUPER emotional and cried for like two hours :-( Which equaled REALLY puffy/sore eyes. I remember them getting so puffy I could hardly look down...then I couldn't see the baby when I was feeding and I started to cry more! haha

    I am also looking forward to smiles on purpose and longer sleep sessions! I get a good night every once in a while, like last night! Maybe tonight will be the same, here's hoping! :-) And so far the hubby and I are still "sleeping" in our room with EC in her bassinet next to me. But I've started taking her downstairs to the living room for feedings...it just gets so boring up in our room. Her night time feedings can last an hour...or THREE haha and hubby sleeps through them so I get lonely, TV makes it much more bearable!

    I'm jealous that RG takes a bottle so well. EC HATES them! haha She makes this awful face like I'm feeding her lemon juice! And her bottles are made with breastmilk so it's just the nipple she must not like! And when she does take the bottle she spits up more than she swallows, it's so sad haha

    And bless her little heart with the baby acne :-( One of the kiddos I used to nanny for had it really bad but it went away really quick so hopefully hers will too!

    Okay sorry for the longest comment ever, but it's so nice to read your updates because I can relate to SO much! It makes me feel so much better that someone else is going through everything I'm going through as well! :-)

  2. She is presh!!! Congrats, girl! :)


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