Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RG by the week- 5 weeks!!



We don't have another dr apt until her two month (which I'm not looking forward to considering she will be getting shots). I know that she seems to be getting heavier though :)

Her acne has mostly cleared up on her face and head but it has left her skin extremely rough and dry and flaky. Her acne has now moved to her chest and legs and a little but on her arms. These places don't look near as painful as her face did- more like a rash than anything. Hopefully her skin will be back to normal sooner than later.

She is getting better at following objects with her eyes and often she will look at you when you are talking to her. She also will sometimes mimic smiles or faces. She's talking more and more everyday. She has gotten really good at moving her neck and can turn it 90 degrees. She works on rolling onto her side. At 3 weeks she found her hands but now she is getting more consistent at getting them to her mouth and keeping them there.

It's about the same- every 2-4 hours although now she will feed anywhere from 10-30 minutes if she can stay awake. She can be a drowsy eater and when she does that I usually switch sides. She still has a bottle of formula every now and then.

This week has been sooo much better than last week! Although she is still only sleeping 1 1/2-3 hrs at a time, usually it is much easier to get her back to sleep. What I have found that works BEST during the night is to nurse her laying down. She will fall asleep when she is done and so will I (sometimes even before her!) we sleep like that sometimes and sometimes I put her back in her bouncer that sits in her pack-n-play. She will nurse/sleep/nurse until about noon or 2pm when she wakes up a little more. She still is sleeping a lot though.
I think it was Tuesday night she SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! she slept from 1am-9am... When I woke up at 5:30 I was shocked she was still sleeping but k checked on her and I went back to bed. I woke up again at 8:30 worried abs checked on her and she was fine. Finally around 9am she woke up :) BEST. NIGHT. EVER!!

Overall she is such a happy girl! She likes to talk and be talked to. She enjoys laying on her changing table and kicking her legs and talking. Her tummy has been bothering her (gas) so sometimes she gets fussy- it breaks my heart bc she will be fine then all of a sudden make a real sad face and cry and then be fine. You can just tell she is in pain. Saturday we started giving her milicon drops and I think those help. She enjoyed all the different family members holding her at great gmas this weekend and was super easygoing.

Still in newborn but I'm not sure how much longer that will last so I'm putting her in her cute outfits a lot now bc I'm going to miss some of them- they are just too cute! Some fav's- her crabby bottom navy and red polka dot onesie, her little angel set that has glitter wings on the back and a tutu built into the pants, the I love mommy/ daddy loves me onesie with the grey striped pants with the pink heart on the bottom, and her brown dress with the Mary Jane pantyhose :)

Favorite Moments:
Laying in bed cuddling when she is gone nursing- when she's dozing off and when she's asleep. Talking to her, and her talking back and smiling at me.

Most Challenging:
Nights. Even though she is doing better I still have anxiety almost every night before bedtime about whether or not she's going to sleep or not. Sometimes it takes me longer to fall asleep than her. Her tummy- seeing her in pain hurts me!

Looking Forward To:
Thanksgiving with all the family, and more sleep of course (this reminds me of my weekly pregnancy post late in pregnancy ha)

SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! (it was only one night but who cares! It still counts! Ha)
Roadtrip!- to the mountains with great gma and gpa!! She did amazing and slept the while way there minus time to eat a bottle, and she slept the whole way home too! We had a great time and took our first family hike to the mailbox and back - daddy pushed you bc the hill was too steep for mommy!
RG and Daddy @ Great-gma and gpa's house the first time!

all bundled up and ready to go on a hike (even gripping her braids)

such a fun bumpy ride (which is why its so blurry ha!)

made it all the way to the mailbox! 

family photo... we don't have many of these :)

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