Tuesday, April 26, 2011

16 Weeks! 4 Months! Oh, Yeah!

16 Weeks or 4 months... April 18th-24th 
(post 2 days late...oops!)
Here is what we have been up to this week:

Weight Gain:  had my dr. apt yest (16w1d) and I am still down 6 lbs... she was a little concerned that I was eating... um hello, that's all I do!

Maternity Clothes : yes, the few I have, I love! I could certainly get used to these comfie clothes!

Sleep: Still sleeping great! Wake up around 5am for the restroom but 9times out of 10 I'm too sleepy to get up so I fall back asleep and get up around 6ish
Best Moment of this week:  we found out we are having a GIRL!!!! and being 4 months along!! so awesome! Having my first prenatal massage on Saturday was amaaazing!

Movement: still waiting patiently... some friends who are around the same number of weeks are starting to feel baby... :)
Food cravings:  burgers! I think I am finally getting my appetite back, horray!! Also, I am able to eat some mexican food again- just my normal quesadilla-- but before anything too big sounded horrible... kids meals are still my bff's :) Also, sweets are starting to sound reaaalllly yummy-esp chocolate (this might kill help the weight situation)

What I miss: right now nothing! I finally am starting to feel like myself again-- being able to stay up later and not being completely exhausted 100% of the time.  
Symptoms: headaches still-- doc said totally normal and to just deal :-/ ,  cramping when I am rolling over (in the abdomen- I forget what they call that), my legs- calf's, feet, etc, have started cramping up during the night when I get to moving... I guess I need to eat some more banana's. , getting my appetite back some, getting some energy back.

Gender: shes a girl! shes a girl! shes a GIRL!!! :)  

What I'm looking forward to: feeling the little princess moving around :) 
 Baby bump: 4months (16weeks)
 is it just me or do i look huge for only 16 weeks?!

The Baby in week 16:
Your baby now weighs in at a whopping three to five ounces, and he's four to five inches in length. The bones that are now in place in his ears means he can probably hear your voice as you talk to your partner and pals and sing in the car. While he’s getting used to your voice, the tiny muscles in his body, especially the ones in his back, are gaining strength, so he can straighten out a little more. And thanks to his developing facial muscles, your baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints, even at this early stage. (Don’t worry, those frowns have nothing to do with the sound of your voice!) And his eyes are finally working, making small side-to-side movements and perceiving light (although the eyelids are still sealed). Peekaboo!

Your body in week 16:
It's hard to watch yourself gain weight during pregnancy, even when you know there's a wonderful reason for it. The challenge, though, is to try to embrace your body's new shape and think of every pound you put on as a sign of good health for you and your baby. As long as you eat right during pregnancy (minimize junk and maximize nutrient-dense foods) and get regular exercise, you'll be fine in the long run. Remember, every woman is different and gains (and loses) at her own pace. One way to show your changing shape some love this week and feel better about yourself in the process: Buy a garment (or accessory) that makes you feel pretty at your new size (and don't forget to buy underwear that fits!). Another part of you that’s swelling — the membranes in your nose, leading to congestion.


  1. What a gorgeous picture in your header!!! Your baby bump is sooo cute!! Is this your first???

  2. awieeee love your baby bump pic!! and I can't believe you're having a girl..soooo exciting!! :) hope you've been doing wonderful with everything going on right now! miss you girl xoxo


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