Monday, April 4, 2011

Telling my 2nd Graders!

For the past several weeks I have been really looking forward to sharing our BIG news with my kids!  I just wanted to wait until I was a little further along and the layoff wave was temporarily over. 

Finally, after lots of considerations about how to go about telling them, I decided on my way to let the news out.  Instead of just telling them I decided to make it into a game (they love games!)  The game was 20 questions-- where they are to ask me yes or no questions until they figure it out. I told them on Wednesday that I had a BIG surprise for them on Thursday so you can image all day long Thursday they kept asking.  I didn't let the game begin until they were packed up and it was near time for the bell to ring.  Wednesday some of the kids guessed that we were having a popsicle party (they were very disappointed when I responded with a noooo!)

So Thursday afternoon, the game begins.  I got great questions-- does it have to do with school? does it have to do with next year? your going to teach third grade!? and they kept on.  They finally narrowed it down that it had nothing to do with work/school and that it only had to do with my personal life.  Then the guesses started to flow-- your birthday? k's birthday? your anniversary? your getting married? (hello-- you all know my husband lol) etc.  It was so fun watching them all gaze at me with mystery and excitement dying to know! FINALLY, one of the girls guessed: "you're going to have a baby?!" and I SHOUTED YESS!!! and they ALL scrrrrreamed!!! (other teachers next door knew what I was doing and they said they heard the screams! ha)  I was quickly tackled with warm hugs of excitement and bombarded with the questions of was it a boy or a girl and when was I due!?  It was so fun and finally all my anxiety and nervousness about telling them left me and I was filled with the joy of a child!

The bell rang seconds later, and before I let them leave I explained that the only other people that knew were the teachers on our team and that this was their news- and they were to tell anyone they wanted to tell! Oh were they so thrilled!!! They went running out of my room screaming at the top of thier lungs (which is very loud for 8 year olds), "MY TEACHER IS HAVING A BABY!!" It was so much fun and a moment I will never forget and I hope they never forget either!

[ps i wish i could post a picture of their sweet little faces on here but for now you will just have to imagine]

{The story of telling the other teachers coming soon} {and other HILARIOUS stories/advice from these precious little 8 year olds!}

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