Wednesday, April 13, 2011

is it just me?

warning: this post might sound like I'm complaining too much but hey, this is my space to vent and be real.  so there.  if you want to stop now you can ha! I hope you don't though! :)

Today has just sorta turned into one of those days.  Really, at school things were great but I feel like the pregnancy hormones are REALLY starting to kick in... 

Today is day 4 of a constant headache.  Some moments are worse than others but none the less its been there- constantly looming over me.  I have taken the full dose of extra strength Tylenol and nothing has helped.  I have drank 64 gallons ounces of water and no effect.  The only thing that has SLIGHTLY helped is a soda.  It's a little frustrating but I'm dealing none the less.

Today, I feel the emotions... I feel them running deep in me.  I feel like I am going to cry at the drop of a pin.  I realized that I couldn't have my leftover sushi for dinner because it was no longer fresh and I wanted to cry (yes, my doc. said I could have it- don't hurt me or hurl insults!).  We got a very GENEROUS gift in the mail today-- a video from our wedding from a professional videographer and they didn't charge us (it was the DJ's videographer filming to make a promo for their company-- and when our videographer TOTALLY dropped the ball-- and couldnt figure out what was "wrong with their footage"-- and why it kept crashing their computers-- we were out a DVD. )... thats another story really for another day, but as I was saying-- we got a free DVD of our wedding reception in the mail today and watched less than 5 of the 57 minutes when the DVD stopped playing and we realized it was scratched majorly, yes, I wanted to cry!!

Please, ya'll -- tell me these are the hormones and this is totally normal.  I feel like a huge baby!  And I have to keep reminding myself that this is all that really matters in my life right now, along with God and my family:

thanks for making it to the end of this post and still loving me.  be careful what you comment... I just might cry! LOL :) LOVE ya'll!


  1. oh honey, they get better I promise! I was very emotional during the first half and VERY tired the second! Keep your chin up!

  2. Darling, it's not just hormones, those things suck and would make the toughest non-pregnant woman cry. Headaches wear you down and make you vulnerable to everything else. And I really have sobbed before (ask Brian) when I found out that someone ate all the paprikash my mom sent and I didn't even get a bite/ someone else ate my very expensive leftover swordfish without asking/ the hotel from our wedding changed the menu and I wasn't going to get to have our wedding dinner on our anniversary but a boring ol pork chop. I surely hope the DVD works out from your wedding one way or the other, I would love to see it! Things will turn around, you're about to get into the energy and easiness that is the 2nd trimester. Give that baby a little hug and you'll feel a little better.

  3. SOOOOO NORMAL!!!!! Girl, it gets better. Maybe not for a while, but it will. Pregnancy and those first few post-partum weeks are just simply crazy even without the wacky hormones. All I can say is talk it out with other moms and PRAY PRAY PRAY! God is with you along this journey, even in the dark of the night when you feel most alone! I know you know that :) Trust me, when you're little booboo is born you're life is going to change like CRAZY for the better and you're going to be head over heels in love like you NEVER though possible!!!! Every day and every month will get easier. It's tough at first, but it WILL IMPROVE!

    Sorry, I wrote too much! Just wish someone would have told me all that beforehand :) Just know - IT'S ALL NORMAL!


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