Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1st Mother's Day ...

better late than never right?? 

K and I had a GREAT 1st Mother's Day! He took me out for a delicious steak at Texas Land and Cattle! Mmm Mmm Good!! We had a great lunch and then he took me on a "surprise" trip out to the outlet malls.  I had been saying that I needed to do some more "shopping" for maternity clothes and what not so he thought why not!  What he didn't know was that there would be 98798723 different children's clothing stores and zero maternity stores.  We had a blast! 

K got his first outfit for the baby girl, and well we got a few more, then a few more :) hehe enjoy the pictures! 

After some shopping K took me to my favorite yogurt place: Yogurtland!! Oh my how I love that place! mmmm! We came home and called it a day!

It was the PERFECT 1st Mothers Day!! :) 
I just love my baby and my baby daddy!!

the belly again!

haaay! ha

"I love Daddy!", "world's cutest alarm clock", and another one K picked out: "if you think I'm cute, you should see my mom"

K's first purchase for his little girl!

closer up

so little!

cute lil dresses! :-D

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  1. You look absolutley stunning!!! So happy for you sweetie!!!


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