Sunday, May 1, 2011

stormy, cool, productive day/ weekend wrap-up!

so this morning K & I woke up to some nice soft rain and distant thunder... it was great!  It is so nice to actually enjoy a storm without the fear of being blown away in a terrible tornado!  We enjoyed it awhile and slept in some more.  When we finally got up we decided it was a great day to go to ihop.  well apparently so did everyone else! ha there was a long line so we made a change of pace and took it to Palio's pizza.  Check out this awesome soda machine they had!  and these are just the "coke" products... they had at least 20 other drinks to chose from as well. pure genius!

After lunch, I had wanted to go try and find the car seat that we have picked out (i think) for sweet baby.  {side note- k worked last night and i spent my ennnntire night online buliding and researching things for our registry... needless to say I'm still not finished but we have a great start.  i hope its "ok" to have a registry at 3 locations?} so anyways, we go to wal-mart **bc K said he thought he had seen it there before** do what? has he been looking at car seats? oh yes, he confirmed that he had "browsed the isles" of the baby things before-- melts my heart. gasp.  (sometimes I never hear about such things if they don't randomly come up-- he doesn't offer up small details of his day from time to time. ) So we head over and they didn't have it. in fact they only had 2 infant car seats. major fail on their part.  so we do some grocery shopping and head home.  

At this point it had been raining on and off all morning but nothing major.  well we get home unload groceries and i attempt to pick up/clean up our house.  big success in our bathroom- I wish I would have taken a before and after pic! Before- you couldn't see in the mirror, or get to the counter, clothes on floor, and if you dared to touch anything under the sink an avalanche would have occurred.  all problems solved and even hung the BEAUTIFUL embroidered towels that my sweet freshman year roommate sent us for our wedding present! It looks great now!  I also washed about 3 loads of laundry and did our sheets! YAY! I just love the smell of fresh sheets and I am really bad about washing them every week.  The bedroom has been picked up, the clothes put away and most of the house vacuumed.  The kitchen is clean, dishes loaded in the dish washer and the living room is also picked up.  WHEPH! SOOO... do you think I am getting my energy back? Well, I was still exhausted but I must say yes! At least some of it! :) K, being the amazing hubby he always is, made us a yummy dinner and as we were eating we started to hear the thunder louder and some loud noises on the windows... look at what we found on the front porch. Oh! and did I mention it is 50 degrees and that I woke up with my ear stopped up? hopefully this too will pass sooooon! It seems like its a nice stormy fall day!

hail, no!

 ANNNND let me tell you... I am PUMPED that we only have 4 weeks left of school!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEES!! I am so so so so so happy about that! Love those kids, but I am ready for my vacation! :)


  1. wow! that soda machine is awesome..I showed it to T and he was like "sweeeeett, I wish we had those here" haha glad you had a fabulous weekend :)

  2. If this was Facebook, I would totally "LIKE" this post.
    Sounds like a FAB weekend!


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