Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coming to an End...

First of all, can I just tell you how wonderful it was to have yesterday off work!! And don't get me wrong here- I'm not trying to brag but I am oh so thankful for the men and women who fight for our country to give us our freedom! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to sleep in yesterday morning- especially after a full weekend! 

Today was back to the grind but not in a bad way.  Last week was our last FULL week of school and I have kind of been avoiding these last few days of school because honestly I am just a little sad about it all coming to an end.  This week I fully intended on getting my kiddos to help me take down my room and pack it up and do all of that fun stuff but little did I know, we would not have the time for that this week.  Today flew by! I'm talking-- snack time at 9, then the 5th grade "Clap Off" (we all lined up in the halls and clapped and cheered them on to be going to middle school next year, recess at 9:30, 5th grade vs. teacher kickball game at 10 that we took our kiddos out to watch, got back inside around 11, worked on our "memory books" for about 15 minutes, loaded up for lunch at 11:30, specials at 12:15, work on our books for another 15 mins, had the 2nd Grade Awards Ceremony- for A, A&B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance and the Sunshine award, then it was a birthday party for one of my girls at 2:15, pack up at 2:30 for dismissal.  That, my friends, is a FULL day of fun!! and no work ha! 
kickball game

more kickball
There were so many things I wanted to get done this week and tomorrow will be just as jam-packed.  Tomorrow- we have Break-Out day in the morning which is like a mini-field-day... the kids get to play outside, go to the cafeteria to dance (there will be a DJ), go to the art room to do crafts, sidewalk chalk, or bubbles, go to the gym where the bounce house is, or go to the music room to sing karaoke.  Yes, the kiddos get to roam to wherever they would like ha! We are split into grades so not all the students are out and about at once.  Sounds fun right? The kids looove it! Then tomorrow afternoon- we have our class party at 11:15 with pizza, followed by a baby shower my kiddos are throwing for me.  They are SOOO excited about our baby and would not let this year end without throwing me a Baby Shower (side note- one of my moms told me a sweet story about her son who is in my class... he went up to her one night and as serious could be asked her why they would be "showering" me and where was this shower to be? hehe HOW CUTE right!? just love my babies!)

So yea, then Thursday- 1/2 day at school and we are done. Can I say BITTERSWEET!? That is really the only word that can describe my feelings.  I am so proud of my kids and how far they have come, and all they have accomplished this year.  It is so hard for me to let them go (to third grade-- can you image when its my own kids growing up!?)... I am going to miss them OH SO MUCH!

I leave you with some pictures of the disaster my room has become this past year- but it is a place filled with love and fun and I never want to forget these days, moments, kids, and this year!   

Cheers to Mrs. P's 2nd Grade Class of 2010-2011! What a great bunch!!

my class

the 3 ladies of 2nd @ Recess...
A Honor Roll! YAY!... and WOW... think I'm getting bigger? I look huge in this pic ha!

Have I mentioned I love these kids... and teaching... and this school...!!! :)


  1. I love your room! Wow, can't imagin how you must feel finishing up your first year. What a great gal you are and I know you'll be remembered as some of these kids most favorite teacher. There's more to come plus your own! ha. And more memories for you to make and to give. Hope to see you soon if it works out. xxoo

  2. I remember days like that...you have so much planned in your mind and then at the end of the day you say..."where did the time go?!" :-)

    Your baby bump is ADORABLE! I love that shirt you have on! :-)

  3. awhie yay! love the pictures!! I know it must be so bittersweet but you have so many exciting things happening in the future to be happy about :) :) xoxo

  4. Aw I'm so glad the end of the year went so well for you! Tomorrow is our last day and I feel bittersweet about it too. I have one of those classes I would love to keep always. Already had a few tears today over one of my kiddos...goodness! Here's to an amazing summer for you, though, getting ready for baby! :)


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