Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby #2: (26,27&) 28 Weeks!

28 Weeks! WOW!! That's 7 MONTHS and about 2 1/2 to go!! (yes, pregnancy is actually 9 1/2 months long!)

February 16-22
(and for fun, here is my pregnancy update with Raleigh Grace at 28 Weeks, 27 Weeks, and 26 Weeks)

Weight Gain: I think I have just about gained back all the weight that I lost :-P

Maternity Clothes : Wellllll... my "normal" jeans are no longer comfortable :( Sad day... I'm still a little too small for my maternity jeans but I wear them anyways ha! I'm also wearing lots of my maternity shirts as well as regular shirts. Lets be honest though, my sweats and K's t-shirts are my all time fav. outfit ;)  

Sleep: For the most part it has been pretty good still. A few nights this week I have had crazy dreams, or just not slept too sound... I have also gotten up for one bathroom break a few nights. 

Best Moment of this week: 
We had two days in a row- one nice spring like day and the next a beautiful snow day. Both were such fun family days!! Valentine's day! We went to dinner as a family at a mexican restaurant where our friend Luis works. We did the same last year so I'm guessing its going to be a new tradition.  Also, hubby came home and surprised me with flowers, a card, candy, a new Nicholas Sparks book (The Choice), and he also brought RG home a book (about a family of penguins who have a new baby sister!), flowers, and some candy and a card. He is so good to us! RG got him a card and I got him a card and a candy bar :)

Movement:  Moving all the time. All. The. Time.  I can now "watch" her move! Guess who has also found her home under my ribs (like RG used to...). On 2/16 I felt her having the hickups for the first time.  She is very active late at night.  

Food cravings:  Chocolate Chip Cookies ;) 

Food Aversions: the same... 

What I miss: still nothing-- minus a break from being the full time mom and nurse of our house ha

Gender: a precious little GIRL!!!!!!

Symptoms: Heartburn has started settling in...I started popping the Tums on 2/18. Its getting harder for me to get up from sitting or laying down.  I have to grunt and throw myself up ha! I'm back to being tired often.  It's not nearly as bad as the first weeks of the first trimester but still not as much energy as I have had.  I'm having some sciatic nerve pains that started on 2/20- I'm guessing she was just positioned funny because I haven't had anymore issues since then- it felt like she was stomping on a nerve in my back/ on my pelvis.  Its much more difficult to just bend over and pick something up-- I have to squat, keeping my back straight in order to get down.  I often ask RG to "pick this up for Mommy" hah!  This makes cleaning up after RG much more difficult ha! (Let's be honest, sometimes I'll just leave her stuff out ;) or step over whatever is in the way ha!

What I'm looking forward to: Hubby to have more than one day off a week (some vacation would be nice) and warmer weather- also, after my glucose test next monday, all of my appointments are every other week! Crazy how real its getting! :-D

28 Week Baby Bump: 

27 Weeks:

26 Weeks:

...and just for fun-- how different my belly looks taking a picture from the opposite side! 

Okay.... that's not enough pictures for one post? I hear yah... I'll post comparison pics from RG's pregnancy just for fun! 




........ and now I miss summer even more!! ha! :) 


  1. You look so cute and very similar to when preg with RG I think! I can't believe you are just now into maternity jeans ?! I give into them early because I think they are sooo much more comfy! Haha.

  2. Just starting maternity jeans at 28 weeks? Lucky you. You look fabulous mama!


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