Friday, February 15, 2013

Outdoor Adventures (and RG's 1st Trike!)

Today was a beautiful winter day- it was 65 degrees and sunny and to me that screamed for me to take the family outside and play! Oh and just for fun ... the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is calling for... SNOW!? What in the world!! I will honestly be shocked if we see any but hey, anything is possible! 
A few weeks ago we got together with some of my family, my cousin found this beautiful pink and red Radio Flyer trike and he had to have it for Raleigh Grace.  I just love it and so does she! Here are a few pictures of our family fun this afternoon-- riding bikes, playing soccer, and just enjoying the warm weather! :) 
We will start with my new, all-time favorite picture of Miss Raleigh Grace (who in 2 days will be 16 months old! wow!!) 
...and yes, I am obsessed with her hair among many other things ;) 

Her first "bike" thats really a "trike"! She loves riding!! 

Even has a spot for all of her trinkets... & mom's too! 

very excited about getting ahold of my keys

twin faces version 1

twin faces version two

whispy and beautiful HAIR

Mommy & me ;) 

Treasures for Mommy 

Soccer time! She loves throwing and kicking the ball! 


  1. I cannot get over just how much I LOVE these pictures. And her cheese face?! I DIE! SO CUTE!!! I'm going to go look at them all again :-) Miss y'all!

  2. Great pics! Love the one where K has thrown her up in the air. Adorable!!!!

  3. Those pictures crack me up! Just a little jealous of 65 degrees! I can not believe you guys are in fleece jackets at 65 though. It was 49 here on Saturday(much warmer in the sun) and we all had on short sleeves and were ready to break out the shorts. The sun seriously made it feel so warm, but my car kept saying it was 49. haha oh well.


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