Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raleigh Grace's 1st SNOW!!!!

If you read my post yesterday, then you know that we had a beautiful, WARM afternoon yesterday and enjoyed spending time outdoors as a family.  This afternoon we did the same, but the weather was quite different... SNOW!  This was Raleigh Grace's first snow and boy did she LOVE it!! When she first saw it she kept looking out the window pointing up, grinning from ear to ear. She then started pointing and saying "snnnn"!! We got her bundled and let her go out for a few minutes while it was snowing (I really didn't think it would last long at all or even stick- they had been calling for snow since 3am but it didn't start falling until around 4pm this afternoon).  After we took her out and let her play, we all came back inside and she was not happy about that.  We warmed back up and K ran to the grocery store (we had planned on going earlier but never made it out).  

While he was gone I got really bundled up and layered Raleigh Grace's clothes up so we could go really play outside.  As we were walking out the front door K got home and suggested that we take a little walk and play in the snow! What?! Who is that man? Just a year or two ago we were snowed in, in our house in TX and I made a snowman by myself while he stayed inside. He hates the snow... he later told me tonight that "the snow is so much more fun when you have a child!" I'm just thankful we got to spend the afternoon together (again) outdoors!!

So, what did Raleigh Grace do when she got to play in the snow? She loved waving her arms in the air, saying "brrr".  She also loved just watching it fall out of the sky.  After K showed her that she could eat it, that became her favorite thing ever- she refused to wear her mittens because she wanted to be able to pick up the snow and shove it in her mouth ;)!  It was soo cute to see the snowflakes landing on her nose (they were big flakes!) and the snow covering her mouth as she shoved handfuls in her mouth :).  

K decided to make a snowman and as he was rolling up the first snowball of snow Raleigh Grace was "helping" him and rolling it and suddenly when he got just the right size she turned around and sat down right on it and smooshed it to the ground-- K and I just looked at each other and laughed because she will make a seat out of anything these days! RG also thought it was very funny for K to throw snowballs at her.  K rolled one of the snowballs down the hill and she liked watching that too. She tried to run up the hill to K and she kept falling down and couldn't get up haha- once she just sat down and started making a "snow angel" while sitting just rubbing her hands up and down beside her hips. She was so cute!   After K finished the snowman RG wanted to pull the arms off.  We told her to help smooth out the snowman and she helped K rub it smooth. She then leaned her head on the snowman and "loved" on him! Such a sweet, loving, little girl! K tossed her in the air and we all just had a lot of fun playing.  After we had been out awhile RG decided she had had enough -- you can tell in the last few pictures. She wanted to be held and made a sour face. We were all about frozen so it was perfect timing. 

When we walked back home we literally had to drag her back inside, she was not happy- she loves being outdoors.  We warmed up, threw her in the tub and K got dinner ready- we had some chips and queso to snack on and RG even enjoyed chips and dip in bath (living the life right!?) Then when we got out it was pizza time! RG was so worn out and was in bed before 9pm (which is really early for her!)... Here's to hoping she still sleeps in some tomorrow ;)

***Before you go on any further, I wanted to let you know that this is a PICTURE HEAVY POST -there are literally 95 pictures in this post.  I honestly tried to "narrow them down" some but I love them all so much and wanted to have this day perfectly documented... I understand if you don't want to see that many pictures of someone else's child or of snow haha so if that is the case, just move on :) I'll still love you as long as you don't leave me nasty comments ha!***

this is would be my sweet daughter "loving" on the snowman. < 3

This picture didn't focus properly but I couldn't help but laugh at the snow in her mouth as she was saying "up, up" -- as in you people gonna lend me a hand and help me up? ha! So funny!
and she's about done with the white stuff...

again, "up up!"
so UP UP you go girlfriend! hehe! 
in case you were wondering what SHE thought of the above picture... 

"brrr...take me home!!"


  1. Dang girl, you did go photo happy! :) But how could you not with all the cuteness going on in the pics. We had some big snowflakes fall Friday night, but it didn't last long. Chloe sure seemed to be amazed at all the white stuff falling from the sky. Glad the three of you were able to make such sweet memories together.


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