Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby #2: 25 Weeks!

sorry for the lack of makeup- I was doing good to get a shower and get RG and I both ready for church by myself ha! 

January 26-February 1

Weight Gain:  I have a Drs appointment tomorrow and I am anxious to see-- I feel like I have gained about 10 lbs this month!! {seriously!} I did weigh myself at home and before I forget I was 149 on Friday (Feb 1).  (will update after doc's visit!)

Maternity Clothes : most of my normal clothes still... although I am starting to feel large and in charge this week... I refuse to buy anymore winter maternity clothes so hopefully the weather warms up soon ;) (all my maternity clothes from RG are summer)

Sleep: Depending on what time I actually go to sleep I will get up at 3:30am or so... If I stay up late (which happens a lot ... say going to bed around 1:30am) then I usually sleep until K gets up for work around 6 or 7am

Best Moment of this week: 
The GENDER REVEAL!!! and that night read the big sister book with Raleigh Grace for the first time.  
Really, I am just glad that this week is over. It has been a not fun week in our house- last Saturday K strained a muscle in his back and we ended up with him in urgent care on Monday-- he worked through it but when he was home he literally was on bed rest.  On Thursday he started feeling a little better and he left to go backpacking with his friends on Friday and just got home this afternoon. Being a full time mom and nurse (with no time off) for 10 days straight has pretty much been a nightmare in my book- I'm ready for an exotic vacation somewhere!! ha!

Movement:  Oh heck yes-- super active, doing summersaults and turns and punches and kicks non stop-- This little one is much more active than I ever remember Raleigh Grace being.  Most of the time this baby is super low but occasionally I can feel some movement up near my ribs too (RG lived under my ribs!).  I can feel her from the outside, which is so weird to me!!  Like really feel hard spots on my tummy and soft spots-- its crazy!  I can tell if she is low or high and which side she is on.  With RG I just remember my whole belly being hard.  (which is the case sometimes now too- esp late at night!) 

Food cravings:  Pizza (it seems like pizza is always on my mind ha!), Nacho chips with velvetta cheese and jalapenos, fresh fruit- strawberries are getting to be really good now (in season)! I'm also eating lots of grapes and oranges and apples. Grapefruit and Ruffles potato chips ha
SWEETS!- had cookies or angel food cake for dessert almost every night after dinner.  

Food Aversions: avocados

What I miss: still nothing-- minus a break from being the full time mom and nurse of our house ha

Gender: a precious little GIRL!!!!!!

Symptoms: Heartburn has arrived mildly. Almost everything I eat burns going down adn I end up burping tons.  (not so much the end of this week though).  My legs seem to be more tired than usual.  I have been doing more since K has been hurt though so maybe thats why?  Starting to feel the urge to need to go to the bathroom more often- especially when she's hanging out low and kicking my bladder (which is often!).  

What I'm looking forward to: I wish I knew when it was going to happen but... a VACATION ha! I'm pooped this week.

Baby Bump: 


  1. Cute outfit! I gained 7 pounds this past month and couldn't believe it! I have a feeling I will gain more this time around than with Chloe. Oh well, gotta grow a healthy baby, right? :)

    Love that you feel her moving so much! I sometimes think I should be feeling little man more, but I do feel him often - it's not like I should feel him 24/7 although I'd like that too.

  2. love the last picture of your with the camera in front of your face :)


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