Monday, August 29, 2011

what I did today...

since I feel like I have been making little to no progress with the rest of our house I decided it was time to tackle something a LOT more fun :)

here is a little picture preview :)

not quite all of her clothes but its a start :) She is def. going to be the best dressed little girl ;)

and because the hubby has worked so hard today I will post a little of what he has been up to... might I just add-- I LOVE that he did this all on his own  and I LOVE how it turned out... way better than anything I could have done!

BEAUTIFUL right!? :) 

more to come later... Hubby did an amazing job getting things in the house looking a little more like "home" today :)


  1. wow!!! she is going to be one good dressed little lady! Love the wall..Karl did a great job! :)

  2. looks like the house is coming along! it's funny that little babies who grow so quickly end up with more clothes than me :) my cousin received SO many clothes - I requested that she save all of them for future babies haha!


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