Tuesday, August 2, 2011

woah woah woah!! + Maternity pics!! :)

where have I been!?  Well let me see if I can explain...
Lets see...

Last Wednesday was family night at the camp where K has been working so my stepmom, grandaddy, aunt and I drove up for the night.  We enjoyed seeing the OA ceremony and also enjoyed some dinner together at our favorite local spot.  We also went and got sno-cones after dinner (I have been craving these like no other... sno cream flavor mmm!!) We took some pics but unfortunately all the pics from that night are on my aunts camera... lets see if I can eventually get those from her :)
sorry about the reflection but this is where the camp is... beautiful country!

After the ceremony my family went home and I got to stay at camp for a few nights! K had worked it out with the director of the camp that I could stay with a few nights and he even let us stay at HIS little house at the camp which was sooo generous! I had such a great time sleeping in and getting to see K every once-in-awhile when he had a break... he would poke his head in to say hi and we would grab dinner or lunch together. It was great.  I can not explain how much I enjoyed getting to be "with" him for once this summer! amazzzing I tell you, I have missed that man so much!!
Thursday night we went up to Winston-Salem to eat dinner and he took me to the Mellow Mushroom in downtown... we got a pizza and it was soo yummy! Here are some funny pictures - sorry for the iphone crappy quality...

I just love that there is a note to both Humans AND DOGS! haha I was laughing my "tail" off hahaha

because he just enjoys making goofy faces :-P

the sunset on the drive home... blurrry but you get the idea

So Friday night after K had finished work we had dinner and then went to meet a long lost friend... let me give you the background on this friend!
...over a year ago, when K and I were planning our wedding, we began looking for someone to do a "trash-the-dress" photo shoot for us.  We came across this AMAZING photographer named Patsy Brown (yup that would be K&I on the far right image on her homepage ;) ).  As soon as we found her site we knew that we had to have her! We planned our honeymoon in her neck of the woods so that we could get her to take some pictures of us.  The pictures that we have from her are literally the BEST pictures I have ever seen and we love them more than our wedding photos!  Anyways, through the past year or so we have always told Patsy that when its time for babies she better be ready! Well, as soon as we found out we were expecting guess who came to mind! Patsy!  Sadly, after the move we were completely strapped for $ and just didn't think we could afford it all... after all she does live 1/2 way across the country and all!  Well early last week (maybe sunday night?) I get a message on facebook from none-other than Mrs. Patsy herself! She was just saying "HI" and wondering where we were these days... well I wrote her back explaining that we had moved and that K was up in the mountains working and would be there for a couple more weeks.  Immediately we began messaging back and forth and to save you some of your precious time let me just tell you that she and her family were planning a vacation for THAT week... in the same itty-bitty-town where K has been working all summer (her in-laws live there)!!! She asked if she could take some pics of us and well... I dont even have to tell you what I said except for the fact I about fell out of my chair with excitement.... What in the world are the chances yall? God is so good!!
 so Friday night after dinner K & I met our long-lost-friend, Patsy, at a beautiful park in this small town and she took some AMAZING maternity pictures of us!! I will post some of them below.  If you just love them, please leave her a comment telling her on her blog
Friday night, after the pics K & I drove back home and called it a night, we got to spend the weekend working on unpacking some and Saturday he even made me breakfast in bed to keep me out of his hair while he was unpacking ;) hehe

Saturday for lunch we went to Qudoba... I think I like this place better than Chipotle (sorry!) but they had some delish queso and chips....

and not to mention... this made me smile :)

Saturday night we celebrated K's mom's bday at our fav. mexican resturant... Montey's...
complete with cake and sombrero :) she was very surprised :-D

Sunday we had lunch at my aunt and uncles house because the ac went out at my grandaddys house *and we thought at our house too but apparently it came back on Sunday after being 85 all day Saturday and all night... let me tell you-- that was haaard to sleep!* K had to go back to work Sunday and I watched home videos with my family. 

Sunday night was The Bachelorette, "the men tell all" !!

Yesterday, was quite a busy day... had my 30 week dr. apt which was great (I'll do my 30 week update, I promise... I know I missed 29 ... o-well.) Then last night was the Bachelorette finale!  I will admit I was not a huge fan of this season the whole time it was airing but MAN O MAN was the ending worth it!! This was the first time that I have watched that show and actually felt back for who-ever was going to be going home!  Of course ya'll know I was a JP fan all the way from their fist date in their pajamas... just too good together! So i was happy as a lark after he won last night.  (oh and I WILL be watching the Bachelor Pad as it airs next week... I hate Vienna and can't wait to see the drama with her, Jake and Casey! hahaha!)
So there you have it... sorta caught up now right? hah

As I promised... here are some pics from our shoot:


  1. beautiful pictures! hope you enjoyed W-S ... I miss it so much. that Mellow Mushroom is great!

    you two look so very happy - glad you were able to meet up with your long lost friend :)

  2. I love the pics!! You're gorgeous!!!

  3. I did not realize I was THIS behind, you've been blogging a lot lately!!! :-) LOVE all of the maternity pictures, beautiful!


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