Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Due Date!

Maybe I haven't done Raleigh Grace's weekly updates for the past two weeks because I am trying to avoid the fact that her birthday is only days away... And by days, I mean single digits, NINE days! Today, October 8th, was my due date and last year I remember the anticipation leading up to this day and hoping and praying that she would be here soon. Unfortunately, little Miss wanted to show her stubborn side and come on her own timing...
I was soo ready to meet her I couldn't hardly stand it.  All of my family was in town from all over the place and every phone call I made was answered with "OMG ARE YOU IN LABOR!?" to which every time I had to sigh, and say, "noooo, not yet!"  
Heres a little flash back via pictures for good times sake :) 

These are the days leading up to my precious little girls BIRTHday!! 
(I'm going to stop now before I end this covered in tears!)
this was actually the morning of my induction! 

hanging out with my two sisters in the hotel

having too much fun, obviously! :) 

Raleigh Grace was getting a little love from my sissy aka Auntie Bubs :) 

I am filled with happy memories looking at these pictures-- it was so exciting and so precious to spend time with all of my family before Raleigh Grace was brought into this world! 


  1. EEEEEEEEE I love this post! I cannot believe her birthday is so soon! I remember you posting that first picture this time last year. Time seriously flies!

  2. These pictures are awesome! First of all, you look fantastic in that first picture, and the other ones with your sisters make me wish I had sisters too. Your RG sure was surrounded by love when she came into this world. I can't believe she's almost 1!!

  3. awwww! This post is so sweet!!! :)


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