Monday, October 15, 2012

RG by the Week: 50, 51, and ONE YEAR!!!

Y'all! I have to apologize for avoiding my blog like the plague... I didn't really do it on purpose it just happened... 
 I have a BABY who is about to turn a year old! SIGH! Where oh where has the time gone? The days seem to fly by even faster as she is a running and a walking all over the place. Each day is filled with new adventures and tons of fun! On the 17th Raleigh Grace is going to be ONE! I can not wrap my mind around that. What did you do on your child's first birthday? We really don't have anything too special planned but we are having a party this weekend to celebrate.  
This post is going to be short and sweet unlike most weekly posts but I just want to be done with it... I don't want to contemplate anymore than I already have what it means to have a one-year-old. 

I'm just going to post what notes I did make these past few weeks :) 

50 Weeks:
Nursing is great! You almost always fall asleep when I nurse you now! That means no more acrobatic nursing at nap/bed times.  You are sleeping 10-12 hours at night. You loooove your books even more than ever and you love when someone reads to you-- you always turn the page of course.  When we are sitting on the floor you have started walking backwards to us and sitting in our laps to have us read to you.  You always bring the book you want us to read to you.  This is my FAVORITE moment of this week. I love reading to you with you in my lap. it is SO cute! You have also started saying "UGH-HUH" to everything as in, "Raleigh Grace, are you a happy girl?"..."UGH HUH!" haha :) 

51 Weeks: 
We went to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house in the mountains.  Gma was cleaning up some water on the floor with a paper towel and you just bent over and started wiping the floor back and forth with your hand, she gave you a paper towel and man were you the best helper ever! You love to "clean" now :) 
That Sunday at GGma's house you cut your second top tooth (third tooth overall)- It is the top center right tooth if that makes since... (I have totally failed you all by not getting a picture of either top tooth yet... ) 
You sleep great in the car- you slept the full two hours to gma's and the full two hours home and then you went right back to bed since it was your bed time when we got home.  I love that you have always been so flexible with your schedule!! :) Thank for that sweet girl! 
Your eating habits are only okay... you are picky and sometimes eat a lot and sometimes eat nothing.  You like table food but we have been giving you pouches to get you in some veggies (yes, mommy and daddy are sneaky like that hehe). 
doing a little cleaning :) 

52 Weeks!!!! ONE YEAR!!! 
You now like to clean the floors and tables with towels, napkins or wipes.  Tuesday night you slept for almost 13 hours... I was  a little nervous because you were warm when you woke up.  You were a very different baby with a different personalitly-- you were clingy, needy and wanted to be held all the time.  I think you took 3 or 4 naps on Tuesday... I thought maybe it was the top tooth still working its way through or something... Around 9pm you really perked up and would NOOOOT go tobed.  You cried and fussed for over 30 minutes after you wore me out with your acrobatic nursing again...This was something new because for the last month or so you have been so calm nursing and almost always falling asleep while nursing.  You haven't fought sleep for that long in forever either... I thought it was weird and after 30 minutes of crying and fussing on and off I finally went and got you out of bed.  You were warm and doing the cry-hicup sounds... After being up for a few minutes I took you back to your room and nursed you and you and rocked you in my arms side to side (like I always do before laying you in your crib) and you finally fell asleep.  Wednesday morning you woke up and you were BURNING hot... I was a nervous wreck when I took you temp and it was 100.8 under your arm.  I called the doc and he said to monitor you for the next 24 hours and give you motrin... if you were still feverish in the AM to come in then.  This was the FIRST time that I know of that you had a fever in your life.  You got up and everything made you fussy, and whimpery... you didn't want to nurse but you ate a little food. I took you to my bed and you just sat there with me, bunny and your passy.  You looked sleepy so I tilted you back on a pillow and you were asleep within one minute.  You kept startling and waking but then going back to sleep... you did this several times and even fell asleep in my arms while I was holding you.  This hasn't happened since you were probably two weeks old! I knew for sure something was wrong.  We did this all day, just cuddled, nursed and layed low... I really enjoyed the cuddles but hated sooo badly that I couldn't make it better.  Thursday you woke up and still had 100.8 fever. I called dr. and they didn't have any appointments but I called the dr. on his cell and he told me to bring you in (what doc gives out his cell and does this for his patients... I just love your dr!)! I got you ready and we jumped in the car... it ends up you did have a 101 fever (I didn't give you any meds to break your fever that morning bc I wanted doc to see you as-is.)  You fell asleep laying on my chest in the exam room waiting on the doc to come see you- lights on and all... You are NOT the cuddler, I could not believe you were doing that!  He looked at you and checked your ears and you had a right ear infection.  He gave you Cedex (antibiotic) and told you to take 5ml a day... along with 5ml of children's motrin once a day as needed.  We gave you the meds at the dr but you didn't really perk up any.  By friday I think you were feeling a little bit better -- you seemed to be acting more like yourself but Friday when you woke up you had a rash covering you head. I was nervous you had had a reaction to the cedex since you had never had it before so I called the nurses line to see if they wanted you to come in... you doc was gone that afternoon but we went back in and saw a diff. doc in that office and he tested your blood count and we found out that you had Roseola.  By Friday afternoon the rash was on your diaper area, belly, and head.  Roseola (I learned) is a virus that starts with a mild- to mid grade fever and after the fever breaks a rash breaks out on body -- sometimes an ear infection can accompany it.  When the rash shows up it means that you are no longer contagious and that you are on your way to getting well.  He instructed us to continue antibiotics because your ear was still infected and to be checked again in a week.  Luckily, you already have you one year check up scheduled for next week so we will just have your blood checked again then to make sure you are getting well and that the infection and fluid in your ear goes away.  I'm ready for you to be well! I hate seeing you feel bad!! 
By Saturday you were in great spirits (minus the rash that didn't seem to be bothering you) and you played and had a great time.  We went to several yard sales (you me and daddy) but found nothing.  We went to Chic-fil-a afterwards for lunch and you played in the playplace for the FIRST (of many I'm sure) times! You had such a ball!! 
You went to your FIRST wedding rehearsal dinner for Daddy's friend Michael and Katherine and you stole the show as always! 
you poor sickly baby, I can't even remember the last time you laid down in bed with me, much less fall  asleep within a minute!
Feeling a little better- K and RG went to get dressed to go have some dinner so we could leave the house at least once, when they came back they were both wearing red :) Such little love birds!
Thursday, before seeing the doc... 101 fever :( 
sweet girl refusing to sleep... this was about 11pm- she was wearing her I love my mom shirt so that made me feel better :)
waiting to see the doctor... Um yeah, this NEVER happens and by never I mean the last time it did happen was when she was a couple weeks old 
and back to the doctor we go... she now has a rash covering her body...sigh 
She was wayyy more mad about the band aid than the finger prick- she was so mad that she coudn't get the band aid off.  
Eating up my little beauty today (saturday), shes feeling much better :) She's wearing her new Joe's and her North Face we bought her last year... TOO adorable  

K (right) and his brother at their friends wedding Sunday

Doing a little driving... this is serious business!  #focused #10and2

Doing a little reading with Auntie :) 

Raleigh Grace, you are so much fun... walking, running and making mommy and daddy smile on purpose.  You love playing peek-a-boo with us and tilting your head around things to see us.  I love watching your face light up when you see us- and our face definitely lights up when we see you.  You are a joy to teach and watch grow, you are smart beyond your days and I thank the Lord for giving us SUCH a blessing in YOU!! We love you to the ends of the earth and back, forever and ever!!! xoxo, Mommy and Daddy!


  1. I am NOT ready to have a one year old! This year has gone SO SO fast. And I just love that you put off your last few updates and I'm doing the same. I haven't done EC's 10 or 11 month posts. We are TOO ALIKE! haha :-)

  2. haha, I had to laugh when you said this post was going to be short, and then I read 50 weeks, 51 weeks, and the 52 weeks!! Poor little sicky, I hate seeing babies not feeling well. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow with your sweet birthday girl! I took the day off on Chloe's b-day and we hung out as a family. It was nice, but very low key.

  3. What a great milestone!! Happy one year to you and K as well. You made it!


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