Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Work to do!

My husband just handed me the computer and told me that I had work to do... I said what would that be? his response: you haven't blogged in a week! 
yikes...I am so sorry friends! This past week has been a fun and busy week with my mom being in town and Raleigh Grace's 1st Birthday, and her 1st Birthday party! We have had a great time but stayed pretty busy! 
Here are a few of the pictures from this past week... hopefully soon I will do a post just of her Birthday Party :) 
getting ready for her BIRTHDAY!!
she just LOVED all of her birthday cards! 
The JUMBO birthday cupcake... she literally ate ALL of it minus some icing we hid from her ha!
a collage her cousin Mari made her 
finally took her first nap of the day around 4pm... it only lasted 30 mins 
her BEAUTIFUL pea coat and hat she got from her boyfriend, Ashton! 
finally got a picture of her top two pearly whites!

her new kitchen, from Lala!
she LOVES all of her new clothes! :) 


  1. Haha, that cracks me up that your husband had you sit down and write a post, that he knew enough to say it's been a while since you've written. She looks adorable in that coat by the way. Can't wait to hear all about her party!

  2. I love how she is putting on makeup for her party! haha. When did she finally crash last night? I went to sleep right after I was done writing you, and Hayes had been asleep for 2 hours. Oh yeah and we are 3 hours behind. I was up at 5:50 this morning and Hayes woke up at 6:30.

  3. She's just going to keep getting more and more fun! What a sweet little darling!


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