Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Lose!

This morning Raleigh Grace and I had BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).  I really love BSF days but I hate that I have to wake Miss RG up to go... I always feel bad messing her her sleep schedule.  BSF is typically two-ish hours and by the time I am picking her up she is SO tired.  Today, I picked her up and in the last 5 minutes of our 30 minute drive home, little girl fell asleep. sigh.  I immediately woke her up when we got home and tried to keep her calm and put her back to sleep in her bed.  New flash RG- a 5 minute nap does NOT substitute a nap in your bed :).  I got her passy, and bunny, turned her sound machine on then nursed her for a little bit... for a second I thought she was going to fall asleep in my arms (for the first time in weeks!) because she was so tired.  Soon she started getting squirmy and trying to get up and she started jumping/bouncing on the bed (cue- insert passy, give bunny, rock in my arms for a few seconds and put her to bed).  I gathered her belongings and kissed her and put her to bed.  A few minutes later I hear her on the monitor- she had started playing and talking but I just ignored her.  20ish minutes later she starts to fuss which means Bunny and Passy have probably jumped ship.  I go in to fetch both of them for her and she springs up from a laying position and I am searching the crib/floor for her two missing loves, passy and bunny, all to no avail.  As soon as I am down on all fours she starts giggling like "gotcha mom!" and of course I'm holding back (as best I can) laughter.  I finally find bunny BEHIND the crib and give him to her- she still looks at me with the cutest little grin and giggles more to which I can't help but start to laugh.  Every time I laugh, she giggles more.  I never did find the passy and the 10 I had on her dresser are m.i.a.  What does a mommy do you ask? Well I giggle some more with my little girl, assess the situation and as she starts bouncing and jumping up and down in her crib I "swoop and scoop" her up!! She giggles, I giggle and she looks at me like I'm the most wonderful person in the world.  I really couldn't help it...
Mommy: ZERO
Raleigh Grace: ONE 

I LOSE....

I find an extra passy, take her back to her room and repeat steps above... within 5 minutes...
Mommy: ONE
Raleigh Grace: ONE 

She finally gave up the fight and fell asleep! At least it was tie game this time but I still think I won since my little princess is now napping!

All this to say, I really do believe that I love her more everyday and that each stage of her life is a little more fun.  When did she get so clever as to make me laugh intentionally?? I just love her to pieces and her sweet little giggle might be my new weakness... thankfully she can't read this blog... yet. :)

note: this is the first time in probably six or eight months that I have gotten her out of her bed before she has taken a nap or gone to bed... I'll stay proud of that for now ha!

and finally... what's a post without a picture? Here she is sleeping in the car yesterday :)


  1. I love this :-) And I know seriously when did they get so grown up and FUNNY?! I am LOVING this stage more and more each day! I only wish y'all were right around the corner so we could hang out all the time!

  2. How you don't give in to the precious face everytime is beyond me. She's just adorable! It's so much fun to watch them grow. Well until they get to be teeagers. Sheesh, that is a whole new ballgame!

  3. Haha, we "swoop and scoop" all the time, or I should say, JJ does. :) We were just talking the other day about how smart these kiddos are and how did they figure out how to work us already? Love the sleeping baby picture!

  4. I wish the bedtime struggle got easier! The older they get the more they know how to mess with us!

    Stopping over from the Blog Hop!

    Xo BoldButterBaby

  5. Beautiful image of that angel... and I love her name. Stopped in from the blog hop!


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