Friday, September 28, 2012

RG by the Week: Week 49

Sept 18-24
Wow!! Are we really winding down the weeks until my sweet baby girl turns ONE!? How can this be!!?? 
You love playing with shoes

Cheering on your Baylor Bears!
We took you for your check up this past week to see if your double ear infection was gone and you were 18 1/2 lbs! :) (When you went two weeks ago they wouldn't let me put a dry diaper on you and they said it wouldn't matter much- well you lost a whole pound in two weeks going from a wet diaper to a dry one haha -- I made sure you were dry before they weighed you this time ;) )
she got herself in there... and I think she might be stuck ha

You have started signing "All Done/Finished" and "Night Night" 
You cut your 1st TOP tooth!
You had your first PBJ sandwich (without the PB of course!) :)
you love eating lunch with GGdaddy! :) 

Getting into things...
You love your bunny (that you sleep with), walking, feeding yourself, exploring things, doing your scruntchy nose grin, Brown Bear (which you call "buh buh"), when people talk to you in public, being the center of attention 

getting into trouble!

yup, that last picture is how you got "down" haha

You are an awesome sleeper! Your naps are anywhere from 2-3 hours and you sleep 10-12 hours at night depending on when I put you down.  You don't get up in the mornings until 9 or 10am! 

after sleeping from 8:30pm  - 9am! 

You nurse about 5-6 times a day -- in the am when you wake up, when you go down for your 1st nap, (sometimes when you wake up from your nap), when you go down for your 2nd nap, (sometimes when you wake up from your nap), and before bed at night.  Randomly there will be another feeding in there but usually its just "snacking" for you.  You nurse from 5-10 minutes max.  
You are eating all table food- we have had a hard time getting you to eat veggies so I bought you some of the baby food pouches of veggies and you will eat those.  You are just miss independent and don't want anyone feeding you.  You love the pouches of applesauce too!
Favs- bananas, avacado, applesauce from a pouch, teddy grams, cheerios, puffs, lunch meat, hot dogs and veggie straws
You still like your yogurt okay but not like you used to. 
you stick that bottom lip out ALL the time ha! 

you also love lunch with Auntie

6 month for the most part- your sleepers are starting to get a little bit "short" in the feet but your 6-9 are still a little big but thats what we are transitioning to. You also wear some 9 month things.  Size two diapers (but totally ready for 3's we are just trying to use up what we have!)

you love sitting on the bed and leaning backwards and throwing yourself onto the bed, then sitting up and repeating :)

Favorite Moments:
You have started to "cuddle" a tiny bit more- Daddy watched you the other day while I did some shopping and he sent me the sweetest picture of you laying on him on the couch.  You will cuddle for 5 mins max in about 30 second intervals hah this is more than usual though :)
Watching you walk around- everywhere! Watching you explore on your own!
watching some football with Daddy

Most Challenging: 
You have started bursting out with a LOUD high pitch squeal or scream when you don't get what you want or when you are frustrated.  You also do this thing where you will grab Mommy or Daddy's face and pinch it as hard as you can- frankly it hurts and you often scratch us with your sharp little nails... I'm not sure why you do this but we are trying to tell you "No" very firmly and you usually just grin and laugh.  It makes me wonder if you think you are being funny...? 
helping daddy with dishes (aka spinning the water spinner)

looking up at Mama! 

Looking Forward to: 
{not!} Your 1st Birthday Party!! I really am looking forward to it, just don't want you to grow up!! 
Talking a walk with PawPaw and using his walking stick :) 

playing with PawPaw at his house- climbing the stairs

and all the cheerios are dumped out again...

Climbing the stairs


  1. She has some of the best outfits and there is nothing more peaceful than a picture of a sleeping baby. Sigh....Chloe's done a little pinching too and I'd like to think she doesn't realize what she's doing, but I'm not so sure. Hopefully it's a quick phase.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful!! Please enjoy it while you can they grow so so fast. Thank you fro co-hosting the Southern Mama's Blog Hop. I am now following you on GFC.

  3. Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! What a blessing! :-)


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