Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Fun Day at the Park with Friends!

I know that everyone says that they are loving this weather, and I am no different... I am LOVING that its cool in the morning and afternoon's and during the day gets a little warm but not hot (I think the high today was 82).  Today, I met up with a sweet friend that I met through my mommy meet-up group and she has a daughter who is just a couple of months younger than Raleigh Grace.  We met Laura and Peyton for lunch and then headed over to the park.  We took a little walk around the pond where we saw some baby ducks- aka ducklings ha- and some turtles.  We then let our girls swing and play for a while... the weather was warm and breezy and the sky so-o blue! It was so nice to be out of the house on a day like this.  It had been since our trip to TX (when RG was about 7 months old) since RG had been in a swing and she just LOVED it... she giggled the whole time! :)
It's days like today that I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a mom and to stay at home with Raleigh Grace, my heart overflows!

Before I overload ya'll with pictures, let me share this giggly video with you-- she seriously did this for about 10 minutes when I first put her in the swing !! She was loving life!!

checking out the ducklings

super excited face
 check out RG's facial expressions in the next few pictures ha!

watching the "big" kids play on the playground

watching her friend Peyton swing!

I know its blurry (sad day, but look at her cheesin' and those TEETH!) 

oh how her faces get me everytime!

as always... save the BEST FOR LAST:

I think its safe to say she LOVES swinging!! :) 
Thanks for sharing a fun day with us Laura and Peyton! 


  1. awww this makes me miss y'all even more! That video is priceless! And I LOVE all of the pictures. Although I do have to say I think EC is a tad jealous that she's been replaced so quickly ;-)

  2. She's the cutest little gal! Glad you girls had a good day :)

  3. I love her giggle and she definitely looks like she enjoyed the swing!

  4. I can't wait for giggles like that! So sweet!

  5. These pictures are precious. What a great day! If you like in the south, you cannot help but be so very appreciative that God finally turn the air-conditioner on the past few days. I am a Christian mom blogger from the south. I am orginally from Mobile, Al. but now live in Arkansas. I have lived in the New Orleans area and in GA. It really gets out in all these places. I look forward to following your blog in several ways. I would love for your to check out my blog and follow me at: Blessings, Diane Roark


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