Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Day I've Been Waiting All Year For!!

(okay so maybe the title is a bit exaggerated but it is a great day!)

It's finally here!!!
Football season!!
Today is Baylor's first football game of the season and this household could not be more excited (especially this little one ;) ) Sic Em bears!!!

On another note... we have been having sooo much fun with our company this weekend!
On Thursday Mallorie and Emma Claire arrived. Raleigh Grace and Emma Claire hit it off right from the beginning and have been keeping their mamma's on our toes just as we expected (hence the lack of blogging ha)!

We are having sooo much fun! Stay tuned TONS of cute pictures coming soon ;)


  1. RG Looks SO adorable in her outfit!!

    I have been following your instagrams! You, Mallorie and the girls look like you are having a blast!! :)

  2. YAY! Sic'em bears! I'm just bummed EC didn't have a baylor outfit to match RG!

  3. Too cute! The girls don't look quite as excited as you guys though. hehehe


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