Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh my word! Weekend Wrap-Up

As you all know *from my last post* 1/2 of our computer charger is missing...
With that being said all blogging is taking place on my phone and I just did a full Weekend Wrap-Up post (on my phone) and guess what... BLOGGER FAILED again... my post is gone-- like not there, anywhere! Ugh! So mad all that I wrote disappeared... I feel like blogger has been letting me down a lot lately (whats the deal!?) Hopefully this doesnt happen again.  :-/

Instead of going to bed mad, I thought I would throw out my frustrations and do a short wrap up:
-Friday night I stinged some green beans I had picked at my Grandaddy's house then worked on RG's invites for her 1st bday party
-Saturday K surprised me with a trip to the zoo for my birthday!! We had a great time!! It was Raleigh Grace's first trip to the zoo and her favorite animals were the bears (SIC EM Baylor Bears!) and the monkeys... she's just like her mamma! The weather was very nice- warm with a little breeze and besides there being too many people there we had a blast. 
-After the zoo we made a surprise visit to see one of his friends at his work (an outdoorsie shop) and RG loved walking around and making friends with everyone as well as trying to get into everything.  We finished out our trip to a delicious little bar-ish resturant. We had yummy burgers and enjoyed patio seating.  Raleigh Grace figured out how to suck on the applesauce pouches and also enjoyed a pickle.
-Sunday (today) we went over to my Grandaddy's house and celebrated his 83rd and my 28th birthday.  Raleigh Grace had a blast walking/running all around the house and playing with everyone.  She was in such a great mood all day- until around 5pm.  K and I then realized that her one and only nap of the day was around 11:30 am and lasted only 30 minutes.  She was so worn out that she was asleep almost immediately as K put her in her carseat.  We got home around 7pm and around 7:30pm she was asleep... (normal bedtime in our house is around 10pm ha).  I'm praying for a great night's sleep tonight!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like an interesting weekend. Raleigh's outfit is adorable and so is she!!! I love the pickle picture. :) How old is she?? She looks like she's moving around quite well. :)

    Happy belated birthday too. :)

  2. Ha, did she like the pickle? We gave Chloe one for the first time this past weekend. It wasn't her favorite, but she ate it. :)

    That sucks you had a whole post written and it disappeared, how frustrating!

  3. LOVE the pickle face!!!! Visitor from the Southern Mama's Blog Hop. Thanks for hosting!


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