Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod aka Twinkies!

I promised I would post more pictures of the cutest little girlies ever aka Emma Claire and Raleigh Grace aka Two Peas in a Pod aka Twinkies (we really did get asked almost every time we were in public if they were twins)... I just love the pics of this fun trip with Mallorie and Emma Claire !!! We love ya'll!

(and I'm crossing my fingers this post might convince them they need to come back-- like SOON! We could always go to BSF together and so could our babes... you know it would be greatness! ;) ) 

(pardon the fact that lots of these are iphone quality aka not the best, and unedited.  enjoy!)
RG by the Week: 47 Weeks
the mornings started out like this... sharing some "breakfast" and they just happened to be wearing matching jammies this morning! 

and a little cuddling... RG loved it even if she doesn't look thrilled :-P

and they have matching "I <3 bbq="bbq" course="course" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" onesies="onesies" restaurant="restaurant" td="td" that="that" the="the" they="they" to="to" wore="wore">

at the produce stand... :) 

oh their faces... totally crack me up! 
at the Plantation in their smocked goodness... too bad it was 100 degrees and they were NOT feeling the photo shoot. RG loved EC's barn animals :)  
they enjoyed lots of bath time fun... 
oh my word, they were such a hoot squealing and bouncing in the cart- literally entertained the whole store 
eating out together lots

RG teaching EC how to walk :)  
sharing toys

playing at GGDaddys house together

as always, entertaining the whole restaurant 
inside a little photo shoot 
oh the joy's of a wipe box

more "sharing" of the toys... ha! 
 and until next time we get to play again... 
BFF's holding hands!! :) 


  1. All these pictures make me smile! They seriously look like they had the best time together!

  2. Oh my gosh, they are just too adorable together! It is so awesome that you all got to meet! I bet it was lonely after they left.

  3. They are so adorable!

    I'm a new follower from the hop.


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