Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goodbye to the Gummy Grin!

We have a top tooth!!! 

I can not believe it... She has finally cut her third tooth!! The last two she cut back in June! Three months later we have another!
 Sorry, but I have yet to get a picture of it-- its her top left front tooth- you can really see it but it has just barely broken through.  The right one looks like its a matter of days before it comes through.  
Teething for Miss RG has been so easy, I know I know... we are SO lucky!! I'm not trying to brag- just document.  I knew she was getting ready to cut it because it came down (around her 9 month appointment) and then it suddenly disappeared- since then I have been on the edge of my seat... waiting...waiting... (yes, she is 11 months old now ha).  
A few days ago she started sucking on her top lip and making a sort of fishy face.  She started drooling more and really chewing on things more (for example her teething ring ha).  Monday I kept feeling it because it was right.there. (!!!) but I do not think it broke through until Tues (9/25).  

Congrats sweet Raleigh Grace on finally having a top tooth!

This is her personality 99.9% of the time... saying goodbye to that gummy grin... :)
I can't get over how BIG she looks with her new Mary Jane's on! :)


  1. That's so great that you don't have to deal with a fussy baby when it comes to teething. Chloe only has two teeth (she got them right before her birthday) but I think she's working on more b/c she's been fussy the last few weeks. We are still trying to pick up her cues to know just what is going on when it's truly teething, but I think we need a few more teeth to really get it down.

  2. She's adorable! G's top teeth came down a few days after he turned 6 months old, but then disappeared. I thought I was going crazy. Teething around here is TERRIBLE! You are so lucky!


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