Monday, September 10, 2012

Blogging Best Buddies & Our Babies

These past 10 days have been so much fun!! My friend Mallorie and her daughter, Emma Claire (who's about 13 days younger than Raleigh Grace) have been here visiting.  If you read her blog then you already know the "story" of how we met- but if you don't I thought I would share it since some of you have been asking! Mallorie and I have about 999 things in common but believe it or not had never previously met despite being in the same sorority at the same college! 
Mallorie did a great job of telling the story and gave me permission to share her post from a few days ago.  You can find the post here.  

"When I first started blogging I "met" Allie and we quickly found out we had LOTS in common. The first big similarity was that we were both pregnant with baby girls and we were both due in October. Then we found out we both went to Baylor, were elementary education majors, AND were in the same sorority {Alpha Chi Omega} just a few years apart. Then when we thought we couldn't have anything else in common we both decided to give our daughters double names. We also both made cross country moves from Texas to the east coast in the middle of our pregnancies. Our lives were eerily similar. Once our girls were born the similarities continued. Both little ladies have blonde hair and blue eyes, are very social, hit milestones at almost the same time points in their little lives, and have similar sleeping habits.

Even with all of these similarities we had never crossed paths other than in blog land. Needless to say we were anxious to meet in person. So when the hubs said he had a chance to visit North Carolina on business I jumped at the opportunity to visit Allie and Raleigh Grace. Sadly only a few weeks ago the hubs found out he would only be in North Carolina for a few days and Allie and I had already planned lots of details of our trip. So I decided to go on ahead with our trip and Emma Claire and I drove six hours to meet up with Allie and Raleigh Grace. Yes you read that right. EC and I drove six hours to go stay with people I met over the Internet. Crazy? Maybe...but we have had a great time so far!When we first got to their house Raleigh Grace was asleep. Once she woke up she finally got to meet Emma Claire! They weren't too sure what to think of each other." 

They hit it off and started "sharing" toys immediately.

Emma Claire was fascinated with Raleigh Grace and followed her around constantly.

They played together and entwined their feet. So precious. The only thing that's cuter than one pair of baby toes is two.

snack time

Getting ready to go to dinner

Keeping it classy at Wendy's

After our fancy dinner we headed to Wal-Mart. The girls managed to get two matching outfits out of the deal. 

This morning the girls shared some Cheerios

I. Love. This. Picture. How sweet are these two!?

We are having a blast and are SO thankful for our sweet hosts. They are letting us crash in Raleigh Grace's room and use her crib. I can't wait to see how much more trouble these two can get into this week!


  1. How fun! I think blog meetups are the best, especially to have so much time to hang out with each other! Those two sweeties look like they became best friends while they were together.

  2. Hi Allie! New follower here. Your daughter is just adorable and we're considering a double name if we are to have a girl in the future! Looks like both of the girls had a fun time. :)


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