Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RG by the Week: 46, 47, 48 Weeks!

46: August 28th- September 3 
47: September 4th-10th
48: September 11th- 17th
sweet angel!

I am so disappointed in myself!! I can NOT believe that I am this far behind and lacking notes for each week... 
When Mallorie and Emma Claire were here visiting the LAST thing I thought about was doing Raleigh Grace's weekly updates... I blame you, Mallorie ;) hehe!

So until I think of things I guess I am just going to throw some things out there- this will be all over the place.

We have a full out walker/runner (if you didn't notice from previous posts!)  This really started the week after we got back from the beach (week 46) and boy have you perfected your skills... Raleigh Grace you will walk or run 99.9% of the time and I only see you crawl a few times a week and its not far... You loves to explore and you love to be "chased." If you are walking away and Daddy and I get behind you and say, "I'm gonna getcha!" you start squealing and laughing and running away.  If we don't go after you, you will turn around and look for us or come and get us.  You have such a fun personality Raleigh Grace- you like to smile, laugh and squint up your nose when you are smiling at people.  
Around week 47 you started screaming some and throwing more fits than normal. You have gotten better but you would just scream out loud if you weren't happy no matter where you were.  It was a little embarrassing but thankfully you don't seem to be doing that much anymore.  If we take something away from you that you want you will ball up your fists close your eyes tight, and shake.  I think you have your mamma's attitude and your daddy's temper ;) 
This past week you went to the zoo for the first time (in SC) and you had  a great time.  You didn't like being stuck in your big girl stroller (that we got you I think around 46 weeks... and you loved it then)- you want to walk everywhere and do not like to be in carts, strollers or for people to carry you (unless you are super tired).  Your favorite animals at the zoo were the bears (SIC EM) and the monkeys! You also loved the fish but did not like when the big ones swam by you -- you made a really squinty face and held on to mommys arm, squeezing me, for dear life.  You also didn't seem to like the penguins-- I'm not sure if you thought we were putting you under water because it was a HUGE tank of water that came about waist high on me and we were trying to get you to watch them swim and you would freak out.  
You now know the signs for Milk and Eat-- you can sign both of them and recognize them when I sign them to you! We have introduced sleep, thank you, please but you haven't picked those up yet.  
You still love standing up in the bathtub- its a struggle to keep you down so your baths have gotten shorter.  You still love to splash and about 3 weeks ago you got back into putting your face in the water again and blowing bubbles! You notice things underwater and try to get them.  You have great attention to detail.  You also loove climbing now! You can climb in and out of your little rocking chair and its the cutest thing ever watching you do it! You also climbed the stairs at our house last week! I am now trying to teach you to go down them on your belly just in case.  You climb in your bumbo if its on the floor, baskets and step on top of anything in your way ha.  If there is something on a high shelf that you want you will go on your tip toes and even try to swing your leg up to climb up to whatever it is! You have figured out how to get up the step from the living area at ggdads (split level) and how to get back down.  Thankfully its carpeted because you have made a rough landing a time or two.  You love animals of all kinds- yesterday you brought me the Texas magazine that has a deer on the front and we looked at all the pictures of animals and you grinned and giggled at every one.  You love carrying your basket around and other things such a bags-- I think its about time we get you a purse! You have started putting things back into their place instead of just taking things out -- you put your toys in the bath basket when you want and today I found my rainbow flip flops in the trash can. You loved our visit to the park and looved swinging! 
You love it when people talk to you and smile at you-- at the dr. office you were showing off to everyone and everyone kept talking about how cute you were.  
Speaking of dr's-- I think it was the 3oth of August I took you to the Dr. because you had a cough that was getting worse (it started out with allergy like symptoms- sneezing and such) for a week or two then got BAD while EC and Mallory were here so I took you in.  You had a DOUBLE ear infection (first 2 ear infections!) and an upper respiratory infection!! :( I felt soo bad for you but they put you on antibiotics and a decongestant to help.  It didn't really seem to help much but you are sounding a little bit better as of today- you go back tomorrow for your check up! 
You weighed 19.5 lbs with a wet diaper at that doctor appt (46 weeks!)
Around week 47 we started weeding out baby food.  You mainly eat table food in bite sized pieces now.  Emma Claire helped you transition to that.  You also love veggie straws, teddy grams, mum-mum's, and dried peaches (though they make a mess!)  You eat really well most of the time and love the pouches of applesauce, avocado, bananas, green beans, ham and turkey, hot dogs, and chicken.  You will eat almost anything we are eating which is wonderful! You are still nursing a few times a day, mainly when you get up in the am, when you go down for a nap, sometimes when you wake up from a nap and then before bed time. I love nursing you- thats our little quite snuggle time. 
Your sleep has been amazing too!! Last tuesday you and I started BSF (bible study- you stay in the nursery and do great from what they say... I also got told today that you are "SO SO SMART"... I agree ;) ) and I put you to bed (wayyyy early for you) around 8:30 because I knew we had to get moving early the next day.  I needed up having to wake you up at 9am to get you ready to leave the house! On average you are going to bed around 10 and waking up around 8:30 or 9-- when you wake up you will play in your crib for awhile then I will go get you.  Sometimes you have been crying a few minutes in the middle of the night but I have not gone and gotten you and you fall right back asleep.  A few days this week (yesterday!) you screamed bloody murder when I put you to bed.  You still only have two bottom teeth and I wonder if those top teeth are being pesky... I keep thinking I "see" them through the gums but they have yet to break through.  
You wear 6 month clothes- the 6 month footed jammies you wear to bed at night fit you perfectly!! As far as your outfits go-- some are 3-6 months and 6 months.  6-9 months still are quite big on you and look a little silly but we are putting some on you in addition to some 9 month summerish outfits that I want you to get a chance to wear!! You are in size two diapers but after this box we are moving you up to size threes! 
Your hair seems to be getting really LONG! I think it has a strawberry blonde tint to it but it is definitely light light blonde! Your eyes are still a deep dark beautiful blue!! :)
You are so much fun these days- you play well on your on (for a few minutes ha), you love flipping through your books, walking all around the house and you make whatever you find a toy.  You still put most things you pick up in your mouth so we have to keep an eye on you.  You are also known to wander into the bathroom and get into the toilet if we don't watch you. 
You mimic us ALL the time (this started about 45/46 weeks)-- you try and say words we say and its soo cute!!
I think around week 46 you said the word "No" for the first time... it sounds really cute but I'm trying not to encourage that ha! You also babble a lot more now! We love to just watch you or listen to you talking.  You play with your feet a lot when you are in your carseat.  
This past week Daddy got you your first puppy (his name is hot dog)!! We were at Janie and Jack and you found a tiny weeiner dog and started carrying it around and "loving" on it (aka biting and sucking on it)... Daddy ended up buying it for you because he thought you liked it and because it was "wet" and he felt bad leaving it there after you "loved on it" ha! 
Week 47 we bought you a pair of leather shoes like Emma Claire had-- you actually keep those on and can walk in them pretty good.  They are size small but they are still a little large on you.  Mallorie took some pictures for your ONE YEAR birthday which is a month from yesterday!!! You loved the balloons and she got some grrreat shots! I can't wait to see them all! 
That means you are officially 11 MONTHS OLD- HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Raleigh Grace!!! You are the best thing that has ever happened to your daddy and I!! How in the world did you grow up so fast? We definitely love you more and more every day!! 
two weeks old
46 week pics: 
at costco trying to talk mom into buying this... it didn't happen
"what me? eat dirt? no way I did that" 
climbing in!
climbing up!
I turned around and this was happening ha! 
Good ol American lunch-- McDonalds fries!
I swear we dont feed our child junk all the time-- she grabbed these from the ledge and wanted one ha!
please mom?? (and her sad little bruise on her check from falling into the coffee table!) 
I am going to do another post with some more pictures of you and your twin (Emma Claire) from weeks 46/47 and I will post the link here when it's up.

48 week pics:
baby crack cuteness!

some serious splashing!

helping Mom string the beans 

playing with her birthday balloons (from her one year shoot)

a mess of bows

her little walking stick

baby girl was sleeping hard- there is a handprint on her face!

carrying your basket (and cheesing super hard!)

first time swinging since our trip to texas-- you loved it!

clearly LOVED it!

Daddy was working from home and watching you... you found the sidewalk chalk and went to town eating it haha! Blue lips and all!

what did I do wrong? 

lil froggie sleeping! 


  1. She sounds SOOO busy right now! Love all the fun, positive things about this post, but I'm sorry to hear about her double ear infection and the little 'tude she started in with. I'm right there with ya with Chloe though, so I know what you mean. I thought we had some time before that started... :)

  2. hehe I will take credit for distracting you from blogging ;-) And I'm pretty sure I can take credit for RG's screaming. I think EC had something to do with that one! haha!

    I miss y'all like CRAZY! I seriously wish we lived around the corner, how great would that be???

  3. Awww! She is so sweet! Those bath pictures crack me up! I miss when my boys were that little...

  4. She is such a doll. Her personality just jumps out of the picture.


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