Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby #2: 15 Weeks

Thanks to some of you (ahem aunt donna!) who have been begging for the updates on baby number 2, here you go.... I guess I feel like I'm too tired and busy chasing around number 1 to do this every week. I do want to have this documented for the future though :) 
Without further ado, I present you with the (somewhat) weekly pregnancy updates... 
November 17-23, 2012

Weight Gain:  none yet, I have actually lost quite a bit of weight- near 10lbs 

Maternity Clothes : none yet

Sleep: I am sleeping great- no complaints here.  I am still tired a ton... ready for that to be over.  Right now I'm sleeping through the night. 
Best Moment of this week:  
Thanksgiving with all of my family! We spent the day in the mountains-- oh was it nice! And Miss Raleigh Grace got baptized, that was probably the BEST! 

Movement: nope

Food cravings:  Sonic strawberry limeaids have been on my mind a lot lately but I haven't caved yet.  Lance Salt & Vinegar WAVES chips! mmm.  Fruit. Stadium nachos with cheese and jalapenos!

What I miss:  ENERGY! and not feeling nauseous ... although I do believe both of those are starting to fade :) 
Symptoms: HEADACHES!! oh my goodness! For the past couple of weeks I have had terrible headaches.  Extra Strength Tylenol didn't even help a little.  The only thing that has helped even a tiny bit (sometimes) is drinking  soda.  I talked to the dr. about this last week at my appointment and he wrote me a prescription (that I lost ha- go figure...) My neck has been super tight and sore too.  I think a pre-natal massage is in the agenda for me soon!
Acne...on my face, collarbone/neck, and back.  
Nausea and lacking an appetite.
Dizziness -- esp in the mornings (I know I'm not eating enough and probably not drinking enough water at night)

Gender: At first I really thought boy... now I'm starting to think girl-- seems like everyone I know that is pregnant with #2 is having the same gender as #1

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender in a few weeks, feeling less nauseous and having an appetite and the fatigue disappearing !

Sorry, I regret to infrom you I have not taken any cute bump pics... I wanted to do something "cute" this time but I don't know what to do... nor do I feel like I have a bump yet ha! 

so... here is Miss RG ;) 
she discovered how to turn on the shower during her bath ;) too much fun!! :) 
PS- after looking back at my pregnancy with Miss RG it is erie how almost-identical it is this week with this pregnancy.  


  1. I really want to do the weekly updates too, but haven't started yet. I probably won't post them all, just keep them in my drafts and publish here and there. I wanted to do something cute this go around also, but just couldn't find a format I liked. Glad to hear you are sleeping great and hopefully the energy comes back soon.

  2. very exciting, allie!! can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl. RG will be a great big sis!


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