Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prayers for Reesey: Update

Some of you have been asking me about how my friend Amanda and her daughter are doing... 

I wanted to post a quick update and direct you back to her blog where you can read more in depth about how their journey to beat this brain tumor is going.  She also has included some fabulous pictures of that sweet baby girl!

Since I last posted, Reesey has started Chemo and did really good with the first round.  She is having another Chemo day today so please be in prayer that today goes as smooth as the first time.  

Also, she had to have a shunt placed.  Here is what her dad posted on Tuesday about this on the Prayers for Reesey facebook page
Boo to today.... So the morning wake up from the neurology team was not the best of news. They are indicating a potential infection in the shunt as the fluid came back abnormal. No growth on the cultures yet, but it has only been 24 hrs. If there is growth, the. We will have to remove the shunt, treat the infection and replace the shunt with a new one; so 2 surgeries. Bummer news.
and then an update from Mamma, Amanda, today:
update for november 29th :)
so last night was good - we are STILL trying to balance sodiums and they were too high yesterday and then too low this morn so we're figuring out the amount of liquid she needs per day. ♥ neuro still has our culture out, but is okay so far. 
another chemo day today ♥ so prayers that it goes just as smoothly as last night time are welcome! we'll be here a few more days just making sure that when we go home -- its for good!!

Reesey has now been in the hospital for 30+ days and I know that the whole family is yearning for her to be taken home where they can start their new "normal."  Please pray that this would happen sooner than later!

Also, there is a facebook page called "Auction for Reesey" where you can donate and bid on items.  All of the money raised will go directly to the family.  If you would like to donate directly they have a page set up for that as well. (click on the link "donate directly")
this image from Amanda's blog: This Years Love Will Last

Thank you all for praying. I appreciate it and I know that Reesey and her family appreciate it too!! xoxo 

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