Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RG by the Week: 53 Weeks

(This is a long overdue post but I am posting it anyways :) )
Right after your shots at your one year appointment
October 16-27

It seems so crazy to even make a label titled "Raleigh Grace's Second year!"  How is that even possible!? I am not promising to continue updating on a weekly basis but I will try to as much as possible because I know that down the road, I will enjoy reading.  I hope you enjoy reading about my growing little girl as well!  Raleigh Grace is becoming such an independent little ball of energy... so much fun, and so cute! I love you Miss RG!

  • This past week you have started laughing a LOT
  • Your favorite game is when daddy hides from you and then chases you or comes and gets you... you squeal and laugh and scream.
  • Your favorite "word" is UHHHHH-HUUUH!! In a very convincing tone :) 
  • You learned how to try and put lids on things. You started doing this with your puffs. (sometimes you are successful too!)
  • You have used  a fork for the first time... You love trying to stab things on the fork and are very good about getting the fork to your mouth and eating the food.
  • You are very good at following simple commands- even the doctor noticed this at your 1 year check up and was so impressed-- he said that you were easily "performing" the same as a 15-18 month old.  He told you to "give this to mommy" and you brought it to me.  I have also told you to "put the baby in the bed" as well as many other simple commands and you most definitely understand and more often than not follow the instruction.  
  • You weighed 19.5lbs and _____________inches! (Ill have to look this up!)
  • Sleep has been on and off... you fight going to sleep a little more than usual and gone are those nice nights when you fall asleep nursing.  You are back to your silly acrobatic self. 
your last go-round at the swing... just a little over a year old! You loved your swing  all along! 
  • You loooove to blow bubbles on my stomach, arms, legs, etc... it makes a really loud noise and makes everyone laugh-- you will come up to other people (gma Lala, Daddy, etc) and do this to their legs while standing up.  You love the attention!
  • You are SUCH a social butterfly! You looove making new friends!! A couple of weeks ago we were at Goodwill and there were some little girls who thought you were so cute (they were about 5 and 7) and they sat down in the floor to talk to you, you went up to one girl and crawled in her lap and went to give her a kiss... hahah! 
  • You love walking around. You do NOT like to be sitting in one spot for more than a few minutes (read: you try to climb off the changing table, out of your high chair, out of your stroller, etc.) You throw little tantrums if you don't get your way (getting down and walking free.)
  • At the doctor when they questioned me about you I said "excellent" on all accounts except for eating.  Part of that is my fault I know... you still don't really care for veggies and thats probably because we don't eat much of them around here. Shame on me! 
  • You love my computer and will pitch a fit if you don't get to play on it when it is around... tonight you wanted to blog and here is what you wrote:  :) 

vx       vrzfrvx  vxvxvxvxvdttdtv4gdgggv n hnv nh                  n hnhchynvhnyvh 6uuuuubuu                           z                                      wxd.       ,,,        [ [[[-n66j j,,, jhnhn bnn nnnnbnnn     c       bgbbbb  v  v  xsz    BBBBBY TMTMTMTTTTMTTTMTT7UJM   MK ,K
I love sneaking pics of you while sleeping but it sure makes me nervous
You enjoyed playing in the leaves at gma and paw-paw's house  (K's parent's )... funny story: Daddy was blowing leaves and thought you would like to see them flying around so he blew them up in the air... come to find out it was blowing dirt all in your eyes haha you didnt seem to mind, just kept blinking hard haha we took you inside where gma gave you an "eye bath" and you were better than new :) 

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  1. I can't believe she still fits in the swing!! We put ours away a long time ago when we had company coming over, and liked it not being in the way so much we never brought it back out. But we sure got a lot of use out of it in the beginning. She sure sounds like a busy little girl. Love the sleeping picture by the way!


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