Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finding out: Baby #2

I have been meaning to post one of my "private" notes for a few weeks now... Here is my account on how K and I found out we were expecting baby numero dos! :)

It's official!!! 
Sept 18 2012:

Last week on Sunday night I finally gave in. I knew I was a few days late on starting and so as K and I were walking the isles of target I jokingly said to k maybe I should get a pregnancy test. He stopped the buggie and said okay go for it. He knew I was late and in fact my friend Mallorie had been visiting us for a little over a week and she kept saying , "you're so pregnant!" to which I would laugh and say "noooo." after all I had totally skipped a month a few months back.
I bought the two pack of target brand cheapos bc why waste your money on false tests anyways right?? We came home and it was getting late but I couldn't let those suckers just sit there and taunt me- I wanted to know! I told k I was going to go take one and he said aren't yah supposed to do it in the morning? To which I told him yes but that I couldn't wait that long. I peed in a cup and stuck the stick in and honestly just as the control line was showing up so was a VERY FAINT pink line. I called out to K who was in the living room watching tv and I walked to meet him I said, "ummm so I think I'm pregnant!! Look at what you did to me!!" and told him to go look at the test (still in the bathroom).    I was honestly freaking out inside.  I had him look and he said, "NO WAY! :) " and got all giddy and smiley!! Side note - I wasnt paying attention and left the cup of pee on the bath tub and when k came to see the test rg was in the bathroom and had pored the pee all over the bathroom floor- I guess that's what I have to look forward to the next several years right!? Ha! Anyways, I kissed Karl and though I think he was very excited, I was almost crying (pregnancy hormones?) and not happy tears. I teared up nursing rg that night as I was rocking her and putting her to bed. This meant my days with just her were numbered. I was so sad. I woke up the next morning feeling a little better. I got up with k and took another test and the line again appeared very faintly. I went back to bed after laying there for an hour worrying and thinking I finally went back to sleep.
All week I have been almost thinking its not true but sometimes I have gotten excited.
Today I went for my doctors appointment and I am indeed pregnant. I'm about 6 weeks along. K was able to come with me and rg and she was quite the show. Everyone just talked about how cute she is and loved watching her.
Everything checked out good and I'll be goin back in two weeks for an ultrasound. As we were leaving the office K's face was covered in a beaming smile. He's so exited and me so nervous. Its funny bc I think our roles are reversed from our first pregnancy. I honestly wasn't sure if I was pregnant going into the office today. I've had fatigue and slight nausea but that's all. K kept looking at me saying he wished he knew what was going through my head and I wondered about him too. He's so excited it is cute.

Now that I into my second trimester I can officially say that some of the shock has left me... there are still days I feel less than pregnant but most days I have been extremely overtaken by nausea and fatigue and for the past 3 weeks major headaches! Hopefully, with the second trimester I am hoping that some of these things will fade as well.  I am also more excited now but still fairly nervous which I guess is normal.  We find out the gender in a few weeks and I'm very excited about that!!! :)


  1. I have an 11 month old little girl and am due with #2 May 7. Reading this post reminded me of exactly how I reacted and how my husband reacted to our surprising news. I feel like I am on this journey with you and feel relieved for that! Good luck to you and congratulations! I look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. I am so happy for y'all!!!! Such a sweet little family!!! <3

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  4. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you - and what a funny story!

  5. Can't wait to hear what you're having! :)


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