Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catch-up and Pumpkin Bread!

I'mmm back :) YAY! I know you were ALL holding your breath for that one ha!

Okay... So do I even go all the way back to last weekend... well it was so much fun I feel like I should :)

FRIDAY: Went over to my sweet friend and her husbands house along with 2 other couples.  They hosted a WONDERFUL time- we ate hot dogs, sausages, and chips and chatted a bit.  That was definitely followed by some great times playing RockBand- The Beatles and The Country version... WHY oh WHY did I not take pictures of this wonderful, "full of community" evening? I do not know.  I am kicking myself now. Believe me.  Especially since everyone there was looking so cute :) ha!

HALLOWEEN: K and I sat on our butts, watched some OC, handed out candy to the trick-or-treater kiddos and ordered Papa Johns Pizza! Delish'! :) OH and of course we had our amazing pumpkin out too.

Monday: (or one day, I don't remember now) I made these yummy-in-my-tummy Pumpkin Muffins and bread loafs! Not to mention I made them from HOMEMADE pumpkin puree! I can not believe that I actually did this ha but it was well worth it.  Again, I was lacking at the picture taking but let me just tell you... FRESH PUMPKIN IS MESSSSY!
In case you were wondering... here is how I did it...
1) As we were carving our pumpkin we got it all good and cleaned out and then I just scraped lots of the inside out into a bowl and threw it in the fridge to keep fresh.  When it was time to get cooking I put a strainer -type-thingy (that goes in a pot to steam things) .... anyways put the pumpkin in there and cooked it until tender (about 30 mins on 350).
2) Cooled it off a few min's in the fridge and put it in a blender until smooth.
Now for the PUMPKIN BREAD:
3 cups granulated sugar
1 cup vegetable olil
4 beaten eggs
2 cups of pumpkin
3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking power
2 teaspoon of cinnamon
(and I added a little nutmeg and ginger for good measure ;) )
Mix sugar, oil, and eggs.  Add pumpkin.  Sift together all remaining ingredients and add.  Mix well. Grease two loaf pans and divide mixture between them ( I did a pan of muffins also).  Bake for 1 hour at 350 (the muffins only needed about 20 mins or until golden and toothpick comes out clean). Cool in pans for about 5 minutes and then on wire racks.
Recipe Note (from the cookbook): This is good plain, buttered and toasted, with cream cheese or with salads.  It can also be made in muffin tins.

Let me just tell you- this was awesome bread! Not too spicy, just perfect and great taste. Now go ahead and try it.  :)  I found this recipe in "A Table Before Me" which is the First Presbyterian Church cookbook and this recipe is from Bobbie Yandle :) (MyDonna, I know you will appreciate this).  And thank you for the book my sweet aunt!

Okay now go check out the give-away of the day!  Today it's Jewelry!! Wahoo!

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  1. Great minds, I tell you. I was making pumpkin puree last night (roasting method) to be used in Thanksgiving pie and I might try your bread recipe. There was a lot of puree.

    Happy anniversary you two! (it was our 4 month)


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