Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching it on FIRE!

Well all you faithful followers, I have been promising you all some fun from this weekend and now is the time!

But real quick before I start that I just wanted to say a quick Thank YOU  for all of you who were keeping me in your prayers today for my interview, I greatly appreciate it! Things went well and the boss lady told me that she thought I would be a great addition.  I am still unsure as to if I am going to move forward with this particular job but again, I can not thank you enough! It is so comforting to be surrounded by such a great group of believers who lift each other up in prayer!! Please continue to pray for my clarity to where God is calling me to serve his kingdom.  God is so good!

Now about the weekend adventures....

My "boo" flew into town and I picked her up and we came back to the house and played around waiting for K to get off work .  A few hours later our friend Roy arrived after a long 6 hour trip and we all hung out and ordered pizza and just chilled.  Our friend Ashley and her daughter (who was the flower girl at the wedding) were at the rehearsal dinner but came and spent the night with us as soon as they were finished.  We had a full house all weekend and it was so much fun!!

My Boo and I Friday night hangin out

Ahhh the fun continues: We get up semi-early and get ready for the wedding... let me just tell you that our crew sure cleans up well! Everyone was looking so snazzy and I just loved it!  We headed to the city and to the church and the ceremony was beautiful.  Afterward we headed to the reception.  There were two sizes of tables - large ones and smaller ones.  Well the tables were filling up fast so we grabbed a smaller one for the fact that it was front row on the dance floor.   Well it didn't seem like a terrible idea although we did start to get a little crammed once we got our dinner plates and drinks. The tables were decorated very pretty with flowers as the center piece and small candles around them.  Well one of my smart friends , ahem my boo, sat her drink down a little to close to one of the candles and the napkin that was wrapped around the drink fell in the candle and immediately caught fire.  It was pretty nerve wrecking at first but once it was put out by the semi-responsible Roy, by smashing a bottle on it, we all broke out in hysterical laughing!!! It was pretty great... and I made sure to capture the fun by getting a snapshot to share with all of you :)

So I realize that the pic doesn't look that great but it was wild :-P

The rest of the weekend we just spent recovering from the wonderful time we had at Cyd and Ben's Wedding! It was absolutely breathtaking and a great time also! I will leave you with some pictures, Enjoy :)

K and I at the reception

The amazing cake that I am convinced is fake because we never got any :(

Roy and my Boo

All the girls

With the Bride and Flower Girl

One more of "us" :) for good measure *wink*


  1. Greatest time ever!
    umm sorry I party :)

    I'm drunk...I need another beer :)

    My liver hurts but I love you boo!

  2. Yall are so pretty! And I'm glad your bridesmaid dress is getting some more action it looks very cute on Ashley!
    Best wishes Cynthia!

  3. Thanks for sharing about the ornament. That was such a sweet story!

  4. Congrats on doing well at the interview:) Looks like y'all had fun! It's weird to think that all of our high school friends are getting married! I still can't believe that Scott and I have been married for over 4 months!!! I wonder what I'm going to think after 30 years:)


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