Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wishing.... plus Praying for Matt

Nothing too exciting to post on today... Got up early this AM in time to make the 9 o'clock service at church.  Now I remember why I enjoy going to the 7PM service!! I am by no means an early bird, and I don't care who says "The early bird gets the worm...." Because guess what... "The late worm LIVES!" wahoo! Okay I will admit if it involves hunting or fishing or a fun trip of some sort, then I will happily rise before the sun :)

...I WISH! :( 

Well on a more serious note I would like to ask for your prayers regarding the minister at my wonderful church.  His name is Matt Chandler and is the husband to a beautiful woman of God, Lauren and also 3 beautiful children.  On Thursday morning Matt had a seizure and after speaking with some doctors they found a "small mass" on his temporal lobe.  Please be keeping Matt and his family in your prayers. He is doing well and in good spirits but will continue to covet your prayers.  For updates please visit: Praying For Matt Chandler I know his family is so thankful for you!

Looking forward to spending the next 2 days with the hubs! :)

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